Dear Diary: The awesome 2014 Part 1

I like to make a habit of reviewing things. What was cooking in the pot that was the year that just went by. Sure I post every Monday where I do a slight review of the week. One day when I am old and grey I will read fondly of all that made me smile. … Continue reading Dear Diary: The awesome 2014 Part 1


Be Awesome: Break Time Benefits

Its amazing how lunch breaks are rare these days. We are all entitled to them, yet we almost feel guilty when we take them. I used to be this way. In this fast paced, performance driven place we find ourselves in, we are as replaceable as the next person and we feel if we do … Continue reading Be Awesome: Break Time Benefits

Happy Monday: Work In Progress

I am just going to be honest here. I have dreaded this Monday. Work is pretty tense place at the moment. When companies start talking cost cutting, performance of staff, time logging reports, etc. You start to wonder what the strategy is. I have a team of really wonderful people, but I find myself having … Continue reading Happy Monday: Work In Progress

Project 364 – Working 9 – 5 – 19 Jan 2012

So Almost a week has gone by since I wrote last. My days are not incredibly eventful now that I am back at work. It is almost as though I have not even been on leave. Back into the swing of things, the mundane hum drum of routine. It is almost comforting though. Familiarity is … Continue reading Project 364 – Working 9 – 5 – 19 Jan 2012