Happy Monday: Memories

HAPPY Monday. This week I won't be keeping a register of what made me smile in the last week. Although I must note that yesterday I had the day to myself and I felt like I achieved so much. I even cleaned the house. It was a me day. my cup has been empty and … Continue reading Happy Monday: Memories


Happy Monday: Stop Drop and Roll

An interesting week gone by. The title is actually the song I am listening too. Those are some of the lyrics. The Bravery rocks my world sooooo Much. I thank a very monkeylicious Mr Ferrett for introducing me them. Daune gave me more and I loving it. Music makes my world turn. It really does. … Continue reading Happy Monday: Stop Drop and Roll

Happy Monday: Connections

After a long and somewhat emotionally taxing week, spending our Sunday outside was just what I needed. It was so wonderful to take off my shoes, feel the grass under my bare feet, the icy wind of my face and feel the connection with our Mother.... The more time I spend outside, the more time … Continue reading Happy Monday: Connections