Happy Monday: Organizing & Sorting

HAPPY MONDAY!! Yesterday was the first Sunday in a while where I was thinking; "Monday... VOM!!" Yes, It is these posts that keep me from going insane going. The week end was one of organising and spending far too much money. But Alas, All is good in the hood. I cleaned out Kelso's room, it … Continue reading Happy Monday: Organizing & Sorting


Happy Monday: Blame it on the Boogie

Happy monday! I almost forgot it was Monday. I sit here on the porch in San Lameer, the weather is miserable, but I am loving it. Walked in the rain earlier and it was too awesome to feel the drops of light rain over me. Thank you. last week was just a week to get … Continue reading Happy Monday: Blame it on the Boogie

Be Awesome: Awesome Relationships

I like to speak to people about what they believe to be the answers to the ultimate question of life, the universe, everything. One of my favorite stories is the 'Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy". It is such a mockery of the human race sometimes. All that aside, it is really cool to get … Continue reading Be Awesome: Awesome Relationships

Reflecting – 10 January 2013

I have spent the greater part of my morning sobbing like someone stole my bike. What an emotional morning. It has taken me a few hours to start writing this. I have a happiness journal that eventually turned into Kelso's doodle pad, but I write things where I find space. He has just added to … Continue reading Reflecting – 10 January 2013

Be awesome – If today were your last day – 20 December 2012

Tomorrow it is 21 December 2012. Doomsday! *insert some dramatic music*. How will you be spending your last day? I am unfortunately at work, I have a collection of movies to watch, there are a handful of us who would rather sit here and be bored than do fun things like stand in long shopping … Continue reading Be awesome – If today were your last day – 20 December 2012