Happy Monday: Parties & Sunshine

HAPPY MONDAY!!! A  new week, some new opportunities and the sun is shining, a reason to smile right! We went to a birthday party this week end. Kelso's nemesis had a  birthday party that he simply had to attend. Turns out, not so much of a nemesis after all; those two played like they were … Continue reading Happy Monday: Parties & Sunshine


Project 364 – Inner Peace – 03 Feb 2012

Firstly, I would like to wish my beautiful sister a Happy Birthday. She lives in England, so don't see her much. I saw her for the first time in many years last September. It was probably the best time I have had in a while. I decided to photograph the books that are in my … Continue reading Project 364 – Inner Peace – 03 Feb 2012

Eluding Illusions – 15 Jan 2012

What I think and write is never with intention to offend. We are all entitled to opinions and thoughts, we are allowed to think beyond the borders of what is considered the norm. We were graced with enquiring minds and it would be a shame to not use them. Thing is, there are many that … Continue reading Eluding Illusions – 15 Jan 2012