Dear Diary: Happy Mothers Day

Dear Diary, Today is Mother's day in South Africa and I have had such a special day; more like week end though. I took the day off on Friday. I was in 2 minds about taking the whole day because I have so much work to do, but I have exams coming up, so cashed … Continue reading Dear Diary: Happy Mothers Day


Project 52: Week In Review

As usual, all defining pictures taken over the week end. I guess it just illustrates what is really important in my life. My week end's with my awesome lads. Last week I made a concerted effort to just get away from my desk and sit outside. Cash in on the warmth before the winter freeze … Continue reading Project 52: Week In Review

Free For All Thursday: Love Puff Animals

Everytime I scroll down for pictures I always see 2 pictures of my fury kids. Ah I just love them. So So much. Munro is almost double digits. He is my first born. I have dressed this cat, I have laughed at this cat. I have cried on this cat. Whenever I am feeling sad, … Continue reading Free For All Thursday: Love Puff Animals