Time Travelling: Memoirs from the Future – A few solo missions

So having been in Wellington for almost 4.5 months, one would expect that I have been real busy and I have been; real busy working… I haven’t seen much. Being alone in a new country is exciting in its own way, but you want to wait for your people to arrive so you can share … Continue reading Time Travelling: Memoirs from the Future – A few solo missions



HAPPY MONDAY!! This is a full work week for me, can't believe. I feel like I have been going at a rate of 100km ph and I want to just stop the world and get off for a while. With exams, busy work days and just general busyness, the brain is tired. But we keep … Continue reading HAPPY MONDAY: Good Vibez

Be Awesome: You create your own production

Life can be really hard sometimes. And I guess harder for some than for others. I read a message from an ex boyfriend to another friend saying he wants to move back to Johannesburg, but has nowhere to go; he is lonely and so forth. Having dated this guy, this was something I was well … Continue reading Be Awesome: You create your own production

Happy Monday: Date Night

Today is Monday... Happy Monday. And tonight is Date night and that makes me smile. Kelso is with Santie as we prepare to apply at schools. Fingers crossed we no. 1 on the Craighall B list. Rough week last week was, but what it did do is open my eyes to new possibilities and start … Continue reading Happy Monday: Date Night

Happy Monday: Healing

HAPPY MONDAY!! Nice and rainy in Jozi today. Summer is officially over and I am sure Autumn is going to settle in soon. I am sitting here listening to some really chilled music, Asian Flutes and the likes, it is too wonderful. The week end was nice, Reiki Class was beautiful to say the least … Continue reading Happy Monday: Healing