Funny Friday: Death Star Canteen

This video has been prize for all my laughs this week. I have listened to this over and over and I have laughed just as much every time. Daune introduced me to Eddie Izzard last week, I have apparently been a box for a few years because only catching on now. But laughing so much! … Continue reading Funny Friday: Death Star Canteen


Funny Friday: Grumpy Cat

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! This picture has been making me laugh every time I look at it. I am not sure how this cat has become such a facebook phenomenon, but that face is priceless. And the captions are sometimes too much. Have a great week end. Keep Shining! ♥  

Funny Friday: Vocational Guidance Councilor

I absolutely love this sketch. Ok, enough of this gay banter then.... Mr Anchovy's face when he says "LION TAMING".. is too much. He gets so excited. He has has a hat, a lion taming hat with lights on so that he can; Tame Lions at night, when they are less stroppy! Kills me, I … Continue reading Funny Friday: Vocational Guidance Councilor

Funny Friday: Rex Kwan Do

I absolutely love 'Napoleon Dynamite' I even have the talking Napoleon figurine. It is so random, I just love it. Although Uncle Rico is my favorite character, Rex is not far behind. Yesterday the talk of MC Hammer pants made me think of this scene. "Take a look at what I am wearing people. You think anyone wants a … Continue reading Funny Friday: Rex Kwan Do

Free For All Thursday: Lose Procrastination Guilt

On this week’s Free for All Thursday, I thought I would help those out who would rather find other things to do than get to what they are supposed to be doing. We all have the procrastinator in us. So I wanted to share some idea’s that I read. I live with the ultimate 5 … Continue reading Free For All Thursday: Lose Procrastination Guilt

Funny Friday: Face Yoga – Episode 2: Togetherness Living

I have shared one of these before. I still laugh every time I watch them. No matter how many times I watch it, I still find it so funny. Funny Friday: Face Yoga - 01 February 2013 "Remember, Hippies are people too, and believe in peace. Don't hurt them".. - HAHAHAHA... Crazy, I love it. … Continue reading Funny Friday: Face Yoga – Episode 2: Togetherness Living

Funny Friday: The Incredible Sweater Machine Ad

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Ok, so I had to share this. This is a Glomail advert from the 80's. What is quite interesting though is that voice does the Glomail ad's still. We think we are so much more hard done by these days. Yet back then, we wore home made clothes! This advert made me laugh … Continue reading Funny Friday: The Incredible Sweater Machine Ad