Happy Monday: Succulent Hands

HAPPY MONDAY! Today is a happy Monday. I am sad that the week end was over though, it was such an awesome one that I could have just had a little more. But I have a wonderful week to look forward to and luckily for us, week ends come every 5 days. Rock star moments … Continue reading Happy Monday: Succulent Hands


Song Of The Day: 7 Days of The 80’s: 24 Hour Party People

From one of my FAVORITE films ever - '24 Hour Party People'. Love Love Love the film. And 'Happy Mondays' aren't bad either! Day 3 of 7 24 Hour Party People - Happy Monday's Keep Shining! ♥

Happy Monday: 7 Days of Smiles

Monday rolls around again. Seems like just the other day that I was sitting here jotting down the things that I am grateful for and why I am grateful for them. Time seems to pass by pretty quickly when we are busy wowsers. I often feel like I am looking forward to something and time … Continue reading Happy Monday: 7 Days of Smiles