HAPPY MONDAY: Been a while

HAPPY MONDAY!!! Been a while. But hey, been busy, but also been loving every day. And that is a true story. So instead of the waffle, this video made me laugh so much this morning. I literally had tears streaming down my face I was laughing so much. That... makes for a HAPPY MONDAY.... Oh... … Continue reading HAPPY MONDAY: Been a while



HAPPY MONDAY!! What a Happy Monday it is, 2 more sleeps until my birthday and I have decided to take the day off. I don't really have the leave, but you know, whatever. I will accumulate it. This was a good week that just passed. I got a lot done. Giving Kelso Reiki every day … Continue reading HAPPY MONDAY: Believe

Happy Monday: A sense of Longing

HAPPY MONDAY!! Almost forgot about this again. Crazy day. Yesterday I drove back from KZN. It was a long, yet good thinking time kind of drive. Its amazing how some alone time can really get you to go inside yourself... well that and some music which was amazing. I am at that place again where … Continue reading Happy Monday: A sense of Longing

Happy Monday: Shucks its actually Tuesday

So yesterday I totally missed Monday. Yus, how is my mind? More like where is my mind. It was the most manic day, like most other days I guess and in the morning I made that mental note, but that mental note was put through the shredder. Things are good as they always are. I … Continue reading Happy Monday: Shucks its actually Tuesday

happy Monday: Little Drizzle

HAPPY MONDAY!! Nippy morning this one. What a pleasure to feel the light drizzle on my face when I left the house this morning. Last week was an odd week. Many things were put into perspective. Challenge seems to do that. This week there is a few things to look forward to. Kelso is getting … Continue reading happy Monday: Little Drizzle

Happy Monday: A new start

HAPPY MONDAY. Yes folks, Mercury retrograde is over and I almost feel lighter and a little more in tune and a little less aggressive. So I feel new. Random, I know. I have been soaking up the most amount of interesting material in a text book I have for my module on personality theories. Between … Continue reading Happy Monday: A new start