HAPPY MONDAY: Holding out for a Hero

I am a lover of all things 80's. I am listening to the cheesiest 80's numbers and busting it out in my own mind... Bonnie Tyler, whaaaat? so upbeat! Feeling a little low today. Not really sure why; conundrums of madness. So this is a good time to list the good things... ♥ Spotify ♥ … Continue reading HAPPY MONDAY: Holding out for a Hero


HAPPY MONDAY: Happy Monday

HAPPY MONDAY. I know, its been a very long time since I posted anything. Its more laziness than anything. You get so caught up doing nothing that you find you have hardly any time for anything else. I do wish family and colleagues a Happy Monday, but sometimes it is not sincere. For a while … Continue reading HAPPY MONDAY: Happy Monday

Time Travelling: Memoirs from the Future – A few solo missions

So having been in Wellington for almost 4.5 months, one would expect that I have been real busy and I have been; real busy working… I haven’t seen much. Being alone in a new country is exciting in its own way, but you want to wait for your people to arrive so you can share … Continue reading Time Travelling: Memoirs from the Future – A few solo missions

HAPPY MONDAY: Been a while

HAPPY MONDAY!!! Been a while. But hey, been busy, but also been loving every day. And that is a true story. So instead of the waffle, this video made me laugh so much this morning. I literally had tears streaming down my face I was laughing so much. That... makes for a HAPPY MONDAY.... Oh... … Continue reading HAPPY MONDAY: Been a while

Dear Diary: Happiest Born Day to me

Dear Diary, Today is not my birthday. But it was on Wednesday and I feel like every year just gets more and more awesome. A colleague was in a state because she is turning 30 next week. "30 is so old", she says. Gosh, that made me feel like I have one foot in the … Continue reading Dear Diary: Happiest Born Day to me

Happy Monday: Happy Monday

HAPPY MONDAY!! I am listening to some fascinating pod casts on Personality type development. People are complicated and for the most part full of nonsense. So what I got though, is that we are all individual and we don't really fit into any specific category. Seems pretty obvious I know, but there are so many … Continue reading Happy Monday: Happy Monday