HAPPY MONDAY: Gratitude and Sadness

HAPPY MONDAY!! I feel sad today. I haven't seen Hariette since Friday morning. I had to take Munro to Anima on his own and felt sorry that he was staying there without his sister and that she is nowhere to be found and today I had to lock the house up. Amazing what a place … Continue reading HAPPY MONDAY: Gratitude and Sadness


HAPPY MONDAY: One, Two, Skip a Few

HAPPY MONDAY.... I missed last Monday. Firstly because I actually forgot and then when I realised I had missed it, I left it. I wrote an exam on Tuesday and it was pretty touch and go, personality theories was a pretty deep module and you kind of had to know every theory in detail to … Continue reading HAPPY MONDAY: One, Two, Skip a Few

Happy Monday: A new start

HAPPY MONDAY. Yes folks, Mercury retrograde is over and I almost feel lighter and a little more in tune and a little less aggressive. So I feel new. Random, I know. I have been soaking up the most amount of interesting material in a text book I have for my module on personality theories. Between … Continue reading Happy Monday: A new start

Dear Diary: The Awesome 2014 Part 2

Dear Diary, So here is Part 2. I can get carried away sometimes and super surprised I have managed to keep this pretty succinct. I ended off with June, 6 months done and dusted. I still sit with my mouth gaping at how quickly this year has actually passed. My God it is like we blinked … Continue reading Dear Diary: The Awesome 2014 Part 2