Happy Monday: Emotions Run High

HAPPY MONDAY. I am almost happy it is Monday. It seems like everything has settled back to normal after a somewhat very manic week last week. My world was not turned upside down, but those around me were having crazy times and I am glad that I could be grounded through it all. Last week … Continue reading Happy Monday: Emotions Run High


Scrambled Rambles: When Death Knocks

Death is as natural as birth; there are those that believe that death results in rebirth. Yet death is the hardest to accept. When death starts knocking at the door, the meaning of life and what it means to exist is questioned, gods will is questioned and the loved ones of the dying (and the … Continue reading Scrambled Rambles: When Death Knocks

Song Of The Day – Layla – 24 January 2013

This song never fails to put a tear in my eye. This song reminds me of Dad. He left us physically 27 August 2004, the Day after my 23rd birthday. Although I am ok with death, it is one of the most significant parts of life. I still wish that we had more time with … Continue reading Song Of The Day – Layla – 24 January 2013

Be Awesome – You don’t have to wait – 23 November 2012

A year ago today, someone I knew passed away after giving birth to her 3rd Daughter - I blogged it here: Love, Loss and Pankcakes Her beautiful little girl turned 1 yesterday. From photo's, she looks like a really healthy, happy little sausage. Big blue eyes, looks just like her eldest sister. That family has … Continue reading Be Awesome – You don’t have to wait – 23 November 2012

Love, Loss and pancakes – 1 Dec 2011

I am not sure where the title comes from. I am not often feeling un-inspired. Usually my photography blogs are named according to something that happened or named after the theme of my day. This one not so sure about. I am generally a positive person. I have all sorted of theories, I have opinions … Continue reading Love, Loss and pancakes – 1 Dec 2011