A letter to Kelso on his first Birthday

I have sat trawling through some documents on my hard drive and came across letters I have written to Kelso. Now I keep a blog of us up to date with all his shenanigans. This is a letter I wrote on his first birthday, such a sweet find... 10 December 2008 Dear Kelso Reese, A … Continue reading A letter to Kelso on his first Birthday


Project 52: Weeks in Review

This is becoming like a Project 12. It all comes down to laziness really. But its still pretty cool to go back and think about what went down and add some pictures. I think the last post ended in the beginning of August, over a month later and I have a bunch of new photos. … Continue reading Project 52: Weeks in Review

Weirdly Wonderful Parenting: Nik-Nak-Paddy-Wack

“No one will tell me I cannot smack my child!” was one of the many responses by irate parents when then news of the proposed law regarding smacking children was communicated. The government proposes to make smacking illegal and we have a society up in arms because how will children learn respect. That in itself … Continue reading Weirdly Wonderful Parenting: Nik-Nak-Paddy-Wack

Project 52: Weeks in Review

Been a long time since I did this. I have a few from the past few weeks and getting to upload them now. Its been an exciting few weeks with some cool things going on. 17 July 2013, Kelso lost his first baby tooth. A momentous occasion in the Peetz-Keogh household. That tooth had been … Continue reading Project 52: Weeks in Review

Project 52: Week In Review

As usual, all defining pictures taken over the week end. I guess it just illustrates what is really important in my life. My week end's with my awesome lads. Last week I made a concerted effort to just get away from my desk and sit outside. Cash in on the warmth before the winter freeze … Continue reading Project 52: Week In Review

Be Awesome: You are holding the pen

I have so many idea's for posts in my head, I should just write them down. I start with a draft and then I get side tracked and have trouble getting back into it, but I think this topic is a big feature for me. Perhaps this is because I don't know where the rule … Continue reading Be Awesome: You are holding the pen

Project 52: Week in Review

A winning week it was for sure. I noted yesterday there was a slight bit of disappointment, but the good far out weighed the bad and I won't be giving the bad any air time. I don't have any images from before Friday. But all the good shutter happy stuff was from Friday onwards anyways. … Continue reading Project 52: Week in Review