Be Awesome: Break Time Benefits

Its amazing how lunch breaks are rare these days. We are all entitled to them, yet we almost feel guilty when we take them. I used to be this way. In this fast paced, performance driven place we find ourselves in, we are as replaceable as the next person and we feel if we do … Continue reading Be Awesome: Break Time Benefits


Be Awesome: Embrace Inner Evolution

I wanted to start this post with something I wrote this time last year, but I didn't have a post. If I just reflect back on the last year or so, I have changed quite a bit. My core is still the same, but the way I view the world and myself is a little … Continue reading Be Awesome: Embrace Inner Evolution

Wierdly Wonderful Parenting: Parenting continued – Things you really need

Seems like last week’s parenting waffle left me wanting to share more. Last week I wrote about how I prefer to treat Kelso - Wierdly Wonderful Parenting: My Parenting I must admit, I didn’t enjoy the whole baby parenting thing. Have a baby who would wake up with every startle reflex doing its thing (yes, … Continue reading Wierdly Wonderful Parenting: Parenting continued – Things you really need

Be Awesome: Create your own euphoria

As a manager, I am required to have ‘one on one’ meetings with members of my team. I have a team of 11. You can imagine how tiresome these can get sometimes. I have heard the usual: There are no opportunities…. the company doesn't pay enough… there is too much work... … and the list goes on. … Continue reading Be Awesome: Create your own euphoria