Time Travelling: Memoirs from the future.. it was the year 2017

Today marks day 1 of 2018. I have been putting this entry off for days already. And not because I don't want to make sure I remember my year, but its been out of pure laziness. I decided that 2017 should be where I just calm the hell down and take it easy, but we … Continue reading Time Travelling: Memoirs from the future.. it was the year 2017


Time Travelling: Memoirs from the Future – A few solo missions

So having been in Wellington for almost 4.5 months, one would expect that I have been real busy and I have been; real busy working… I haven’t seen much. Being alone in a new country is exciting in its own way, but you want to wait for your people to arrive so you can share … Continue reading Time Travelling: Memoirs from the Future – A few solo missions

Be Awesome – Thoughts By Kerri-Ann – 16 November 2012

I miss her

i am candice

My dear Friend Kerri-Ann passed away 2 September. A marvelous human being that I think about every day. She was one of the most positive and precious people I knew and I miss her. Although she lived in London, not a day went by that I didn’t wish she could orb herself for a cup of tea and a game of backgammon. I blogged about her soon after she passed – RIP Kerri. What sparked this, I wanted to send her a link here because I knew this was all up her alley. Well…. then…. I remembered she was no longer physically with us.

I wanted to share something she wrote some time back. In all our communications there was always a day of positivity. She had tapped into the wonders of awesome.

She Wrote:

age……….. experience? yes, in what you’ve encountered. wisdom? yes, if you’re able to learn from…

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A Letter for Papp-ah

Happy Birthday Papah. I know how old you would have been… Not 65, but 67. Hope the Whiskey is flowing.

i am candice

Dear Dad,

Happy Birthday. Your age still eludes me. I can only assume you would have been 65, or thereabouts. Every year I think about you on this day, but today I thought I would write you. Your birthday is oddly enough the one in the family that I actually remember. Must be because it is so close to Hitler’s birthday. *snigger*. I think I have thought about you more every day since you died in 2004, that I ever did in the years previously. I suppose it is because the shock of your death hit a nerve that ultimately changed the course of my life.

I recall speaking to you, the day before on my Birthday. And then that morning. I recall the lecture you gave me about the dude I was dating not being right for me and then later that afternoon Mom calling me to…

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