Scrambled Rambles: Eluding Illusions – Part 2

When I first started this blog I wanted a place where i could just write what I thought. Somewhere along the way… I lost it. But I wrote a post about my views on religion. It was titled Eluding Illusions and this is kind of part 2. Well sort of. But when I go back … Continue reading Scrambled Rambles: Eluding Illusions – Part 2


Scrambled Rambles: When Death Knocks

Death is as natural as birth; there are those that believe that death results in rebirth. Yet death is the hardest to accept. When death starts knocking at the door, the meaning of life and what it means to exist is questioned, gods will is questioned and the loved ones of the dying (and the … Continue reading Scrambled Rambles: When Death Knocks

Scrambled Rambles: Drawn out Holidays

It is common for the holiday season to add stress to our lives. Most of us love our families, but it is always so much easier loving them from a distance. This is especially true if you have been rockin' and rollin' on your own in another town for many years. This is also true … Continue reading Scrambled Rambles: Drawn out Holidays

Scrambled Rambles: Embracing Diversity

Nelson Mandela is in hospital again. At first everyone waited with baited breath to see if he would live another day. And he has lived a few and I am not hearing much on the news any more. He is 94 years old and I reckon that is a pretty good innings. The country will … Continue reading Scrambled Rambles: Embracing Diversity