Funny Friday: Brakpan

HAPPY FRIDAY. It feels like it has taken short of forever to get here,but at the same time I cannot believe that a week end lies ahead. I saw this yesterday and laughed so much. If you are not South African, changes are this won't make sense.   Have a super Rad Friday.


Happy Monday: Giggles and Noodles

Oh My soul, what an amazingly wonderful week end I had. Brekkers with the lads on Saturday, Laughs and Lunch with Daune and Sue in the afternoon. Some meandering at Arts on Main and a walk in the park. The makings of pure awesomeness that all is. And to top all this, I had an … Continue reading Happy Monday: Giggles and Noodles

Funny Friday: The Casting Tapes

Property 24 Adverts on youtube kill me. This is hilarious. I find it amusing because the infamous "hipster" find the 80's so retro. Even those clothes they are wearing are what is so in right now. But give them real retro and they a bit stumped. Casette tapes are so fashionable, but really... as nostalgic … Continue reading Funny Friday: The Casting Tapes

Funny Friday: Vocational Guidance Councilor

I absolutely love this sketch. Ok, enough of this gay banter then.... Mr Anchovy's face when he says "LION TAMING".. is too much. He gets so excited. He has has a hat, a lion taming hat with lights on so that he can; Tame Lions at night, when they are less stroppy! Kills me, I … Continue reading Funny Friday: Vocational Guidance Councilor

Funny Friday: Rex Kwan Do

I absolutely love 'Napoleon Dynamite' I even have the talking Napoleon figurine. It is so random, I just love it. Although Uncle Rico is my favorite character, Rex is not far behind. Yesterday the talk of MC Hammer pants made me think of this scene. "Take a look at what I am wearing people. You think anyone wants a … Continue reading Funny Friday: Rex Kwan Do