The Right to Choose – 20 February 2012

This is a touchy subject for many people. Some don’t give it thought, others get incredibly irate. I see pictures on Facebook of little models of babies at the cut off for legal abortion with a caption of the number of these “babies” “murdered” in the US each year. Be that as it may, it … Continue reading The Right to Choose – 20 February 2012


No More Babies Part 1 – 17 Feb 2012

Before reading on, I need to mention that I love my son. And when I think back, really did love him from day one, just didn’t feel like it at the time. Life without him would be bland. He puts the awe into awesome!  And to be honest, this was not the route I was … Continue reading No More Babies Part 1 – 17 Feb 2012

Eluding Illusions – 15 Jan 2012

What I think and write is never with intention to offend. We are all entitled to opinions and thoughts, we are allowed to think beyond the borders of what is considered the norm. We were graced with enquiring minds and it would be a shame to not use them. Thing is, there are many that … Continue reading Eluding Illusions – 15 Jan 2012