Time Travelling: Memoirs from the future.. it was the year 2017

Today marks day 1 of 2018. I have been putting this entry off for days already. And not because I don’t want to make sure I remember my year, but its been out of pure laziness. I decided that 2017 should be where I just calm the hell down and take it easy, but we know when we say that, the opposite is usually true. The only things I stopped doing were things that made me tick, the things that enriched my soul and gave me topics of conversation. I took a break from studying because I wanted to just a have a break from exams and having deadlines, but I missed being forced to read up on things that interest me; now I know nothing stops me, but its having that fire to do it that seemed to be lacking. I hardly explored because I wanted to relax on week ends and I didn’t take many photo’s because… I hardly explored because I wanted to relax. I have sat and gone through the photos of 2017 and really, there is not much going on. Although some significant things happened, I feel like I shut myself out the world and spent a great deal of time in my head. I remembered how in sync with the greater cosmic harmony I was, where I wore my attitude of gratitude on my sleeve and I lived in the present and only sometimes did I wonder off into another time. I don’t feel bad about it, I am just happy I am aware of it.

It just takes a week off to be able to reflect on what really went down in the last year, and although it was a pretty stressful year, I think at times I made mountains of mole hills. Especially when you near the end of the working year and you are feeling somewhat jaded and very negative about life. It is at that time where the world is a shitty place and all you want is a new job and think; “I want a holiday more”, so I will look in the new year. And then the new year comes and you start all over again… Or do you? Upon all the reflections, my new year is always just a continuation of the last one, I don’t mark 1 January as a new beginning or a new chapter in the book of my life… I realised so many of my plans are set in motion at the end of a year… And most of the plans or decisions are the ones that have changed things quite significantly.

21 December 2015, I signed a job offer that changes my life and lead to us moving to New Zealand in March 2016. 06 December 2016, I submitted our residency application that lead to us being able to call New Zealand our forever home in May this year. 22 December 2017, I signed a job offer with another company and resigned as I was leaving the building to go on leave. I start on 29 January 2018. So all the time I put things off to “wait until the end of the holidays”, it never pans out like that, so I tend to not want to wait until 1 January to change my life. I like to wait until the last week of December to do it. I don’t do resolutions either, but this time I am going to make a commitment to myself to get out more, spend time with friends, write more and take more photos.

Here is the 2017 in pictures… many sunsets, sunrises and many smiles… Oh yes… And a snap of what our new house will look like when its built… Did I mention we are building a house in 2018? Hash tag stoked!

Brunch Date with new friends 02 January 2017… Philline and Louise…


The day I learnt why I don’t really want to swim in the sea here… or actually just at Titahi Bay… 08 January 2017


Going up the cable car, first trip to the Observatory and checking out the cable car museum.. 14 January 2017

I visited Auckland for a night when going for a course for work… I learnt that I prefer Wellington, coffee is easier to find too… 20 January 2017


We visited the Gallipoli exhibition again… and it wasn’t the last time either… 28 January 2017

Kelso started Year 5. 01 February 2017


Tattoo consultation day in Feb… The day I decided to tattoo half my arm… The appointment was only 2 months later… And these photos are really just from my walk to Ninja Flower.

Some Playtime in Paraparaumu. 05 February 2017

Piet Skiet’s farewell… Still can’t believe how that journey went pear shaped… 25 February 2017


We discovered the best salad in Wellington… ok, so we are not well travelled, but we do travel far to eat this salad… Thai Beef Salad at Caffiend in Petone… nom nom nom. 04 March 2017


Crazy find on my way to work one morning. I can’t remember this coffee shops name… 08 March 2017


Explored Waikenae and Paekakariki… and fell in love… 10 March 2017

A gorgeous sunrise while walking to work. 16 March 2017


Lunching in Waikenae with my best guys. 18 March 2017

A spectacular Sunset. 21 March 2017


I learnt that this is a Mosquito… A mutant mosquito. 23 March 2017


Gary, Natalie and Tayla came for Easter, hows that Easter loot! 16 April 2017

A sunrise at Whitireia Park, so flipping beautiful up there, this also happens to be the day our residency was approved. 06 May 2017.

A sweet sunset from a sweet view from a sweet view from the reserve across the road from our sweet home. 08 May 2017


Rat came with me to work. 09 May 2017

Finished my Tattoo and saw a kitty in the window. 04 June 2017

Discovered Eastbourne. 10 June 2017

10 June 2017-5

Kelso’s school Photo. 12 June 2017


A walk up Battle Hill Summit. 18 June 2017

Look what I found under my desk at work. 25 July 2017


Standing at the top of Paekakariki Hill, spectacular view. 05 August 2017


The show home. Built with the same plans as the one we chose. We are so excited. 06 August 2017


This seagull is a boss. 16 August 2017


Date day in the city for George and I (and my camera) 09 September 2017

Discovered the cheapest and I do think the nice coffee in Wellington. 02 October 2017


Mom and Gran visited and Gary and Tayla popped in too. 29 September to 14 October 2017

George and I had a sleep over in the city. We stayed at the Wellesley Boutique Hotel and ate out at Charlie Noble. It was so special. 03 October 2017

A city Sunrise. 14 October 2017

We took a steam train to Trentham. 15 October 2017

Kelso learns to ride a bike. 20 October 2017 – this photo isn’t from 20 October, but one must mark the day he learnt to ride properly. This is in the city…


A morning walk at Titahi Bay. 22 October 2017


A movie date with my best guy. 23 October 2017

First of a few Bike rides in the city. 29 October 2017

Halloween. 31 October 2017


Kelso loving mowing the lawn (not). 18 November 2017


Kelso looking like Danny Zuko. 22 November 2017


Kelso and his mate Carlos, in the snow dome at the Wellington Christmas Parade. 26 November 2017


Ride through Queen Elizabeth Park in Paekakariki. 03 December 2017.

Happy Double Digit Birthday Kelso! 10 December 2017



Happy 12 Year Anniversary to us! 12 December 2017


There is no end to this madness. 16 December 2017


Merry Christmas. 24-26 December 2017

A gorgeous Day out in the city. 29 December 2017

A bike ride through Queen Elizabeth Park and an afternoon sunset stroll at Titahi Bay. 30 December 2017

And that is it for 2017. Now I am going to bask in the sun because it is shining and there is no wind.

Happy New Year!

with love


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