Time Traveling: Memoirs from the future – 2016

Its not quite the end of 2016, and as far as blogging much this year goes; a record low has been reached. I feel like I have been in a vacuum for a while and as I have ticked a few boxes as I have chugged along I feel like I have some breathing space again. You know when you feel so overwhelmed with everything you thought you had to do? And then you did all those things and realized you were in a spin for no real reason. A lot has gone down, but at times I feel I have made mountains out of mole hills. Its amazing what feeling tired and grumpy can do to a person.

Anyways, before I enter my very own pity party and try and excuse any bad behaviour, I reflect on the past year with Brenda Fassie singing ‘Week end Special” to me. Such a number! Such a flipping number!

This has not been a year of many images. And one would think that if one moves to a different country one would photograph everything. Thing is, as I have been getting all wound up in the madness that is my own head, I was so far in, I was hardly looking out.  But maybe I can start at the beginning…

January… I applied for a NZ work Visa…. It was approved…. I resigned….. I sold Luna. Truth be told, I wanted to throw up when I saw my visa get approved. Thats when shit gets real.

In February I cleaned up and cleaned out. I learnt that I am sentimental. You don’t realize how much crap you hold on to until you have to let it go. And then clearing out storage was quite a pip… fun with a feathers and toy guns!


My Last working day was 26 February, so I got to spend some time with Kelso. He didn’t have to go to after care and we ate ice cream. Because we are cool like that.

March was a month that was bitter sweet. Sweet because I was embarking on an adventure that was moving to New Zealand. Bitter because I was leaving South Africa. South Africa can be a shit hole and is to many people, but it is where I have some of the raddest memories and the most laughs. I was leaving our beautiful home, I was leaving my sweet mammal animal Munro but most importantly, I was leaving the loves of my life; George and Kelso. I have written about my missions around NZ, so I am not going to delve into those again…

Another big one for March… Kelso and George’s visa’s were approved… whoooop whoooop…


In April, I moved into our House in Aotea… Never in my life did I think I would live in a house, let alone a 4 bedroomed one.. and alone for while too. Isn’t the view just amaze-balls?

In May, I can’t remember much. But I did get a pictures from Kelso… of Kelso

In June Kelso and Mom arrived. On the 21st to be exact. I swear I don’t know how I made to midnight. As exciting as it is, staying up is not easy. And we went on a few adventures…

In July George arrived. he had to come a little later because of some work commitments. Kelso was in Auckland with Mom visiting with Gary, so George and I had one day to explore just us until we fetched the other two from the air port. Kelso started at his new school. He goes to Papakowhai school.

I don’t really have months for the other high lights…. But here goes…

Our stuff arrived. This was a happy sight. Hello my baby Mac Mac. Kelso was so stoked to see his toys.


Kelso and I dressed up for Halloween…

We visited the Wellington Zoo…

Kelso Picked me some flowers. There were the most amazing wild flowers. Like Cosmos, but purple and everywhere.

Lunching with George in the city when I worked in the Wellington office is always a treat. Nice to spend a lunch time with the most handsome man you know…And

And when it started warming up… catching some sun sets at the Beach…

Just having fun in general with my lads…

Christmas will have a post of its own… If any post at all.

I don’t harp on about the new year new me bullshit. Every day is a new day and an opportunity for greatness. So that’s just what 2016 looked like. I am not looking forward to the back of it, because… 1 January is just the day after 31 December.

With that said… I am happy to see the back of the working year… hahaha. Roll on 3 weeks leave. Whoop Whoop.

with love








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