Time Travelling: Memoirs from the future – The Arrival

When I send messages to South Africa, I am 10 hours ahead and when they, they being Kelso and George, are on their way out in the morning, I am on my way home from work. It has taken some time to get over that mind fuck to be honest. 3.5 months in New Zealand and it is like I have always been here. And what I love the most, is that it all happened like it was supposed to, you almost feel bad that it was so easy and feel sorry for those who are finding it near impossible. But nothing is impossible, just impassable. :-).

I didn’t leave South Africa on a bad note, I didn’t leave because I hated it. I left because I was offered an amazing opportunity that would have been stupid to let go of. Granted, I did apply for the job, but I hadn’t been on the ultimate quest to move to New Zealand like many South Africans desperate to leave. South Africans see New Zealand as a land of milk and honey, a utopia where we are always on holiday. Truth be told, I don’t get tired of the view, but when you work, its just another day, and when you in the office, you could be in Uganda and it would still feel like a normal work day. But on week ends, I get to drive around and just admire the view. Every day I am overwhelmed by the view from my bedroom…

And… Insert View from bedroom… A good morning and a good afternoon photo. See, one can not get tired of it. I guess I would have the same view in Cape Town, but I didn’t live there, so I didn’t have it. So I revel in this awesomeness…

But where was I…. Yes. When getting an offer that I couldn’t refuse, we decided the move is a good one… I used up all my savings that was supposed to be used for a holiday to America this July and headed off into the unknown, leaving all familiarity behind me. Even Kelso and George (not forever, they will be here soon)… I arrived 04 March in Auckland and spent  3 days with Gary, Natalie and Tayla and on 09 March, I landed in Wellington, my home for the next however long. I was filled with excitement, fear, anxiety, sadness, happiness – All the Nesses all in one. I had embarked on the greatest journey of my life, apart from parenthood… I had moved to a different country. In all honesty, I feel so at home I can’t believe I am in a different country.

Packed and ready for the taxi… Next stop, Wellington…


My first view of Wellington..and then the middle of middle earth…

I had arranged to stay in a home-stay set up, quite out of character, but you know, when you move to another country, you suck up your pride and that bullshit “I can do it all on my own attitude” and you take the help offered to you. I stayed with Erani and Danie, a South African couple who rent out rooms in their home to newbies, like myself. Also in the house at the time was a Pieter and a Peter and many laughs were had. For the 6 weeks I stayed there, I felt like part of a family and my Afrikaans improved 100 fold. I made friends, and I still chuckle at some of the things that were said. There are now new tenants in the house and I am looking forward to meeting the new ones who all have their own stories to tell of why they are here and how they got here (without saying in a plane). I got help buying a car, I got good advise regarding rentals, a few tips for living in New Zealand and was introduced to the best hot chocolate that would make even the toughest go weak at the knees. Later Banting, Scopa hot chocolate just won my heart. And so did Whitakkers chocolate.

The Hot chocolate…


I started work 15 March. I am a Change Manager again. Who would have thought that the most random experience is sought after in this country. Well Booya-Kasha for that because I love it here and I love where I work, I love my job. That is important, if I hated it, I don’t think I would be as happy here. It is one thing to be in a new place and a new job, it would be quite another if I hated it. And some do. Each to their own. I guess I am one of the lucky ones.

So that was my arrival… .3.5 months down the line… And excited for the next episode of time travelling… I could waffel on more about it all, but who would read to the end…

Peace out..

with love


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