Dear Diary: Happiest Born Day to me

dear diary

Dear Diary,

Today is not my birthday. But it was on Wednesday and I feel like every year just gets more and more awesome. A colleague was in a state because she is turning 30 next week. “30 is so old”, she says. Gosh, that made me feel like I have one foot in the grave already. But having past the landmark 30, it honestly was a non event and I was more worried about being 35; I mean lets face it, it is half way to 70; I am one year away. But as noted above, each year is just better and better. I have nothing more in terms of material items, but I have so much more than that. The last few weeks I have been feeling so warm and fuzzy, I am not sure if is the Reiki or what it is, but its good to be good! This morning M83 was so flipping awesome on my way to work I was actually happy in traffic. Traffic generally doesn’t bother me when there is good music in the car.

What hit home for me and made me feel like I am actually not old was when I realised I had just as many years to work until retirement as I have been alive. Yes, that is another 30 odd years. What the hell. It was then that i decided to pursue a passion to help people find their awesome. Sure, the job I moved into wasn’t it, but it is a step towards my goal. I wrote a blog about creating your own euphoria some time back and I decided to take some of my own advise. I visit my “to do” list often to make sure I am on track. And it is often around my birthday that I reflect on the past year and realize the awesome. My Happy Monday posts remind me of the good stuff because we can get so caught up in the drama that is daily routine, we forget that we have enough, we are enough and being awesome is the only option.

My Born Day was actually amazing. I decided not to work and after I dropped Kelso at school I headed out to 44 Stanley and had some brekkers and Vovo telo and managed to whip up a 4 pager of words that I will be blogging soon. I am inspired again which is rocking my world. But i need the time to just regroup, reflect and just be. And that is what I did. And then I got to see the most awesome lads for Dins and then opened my presents. I got the raddest figurine of wonder woman from Kelso and then a Spa Voucher from George which never disappoints.

I was almost sad that it was over. But I have a whole lot to look forward to until my next birthday. Not sure what is planned, but its going to be epic.

with love


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