Happy Monday: Smiles

Happy Mondays

HAPPY MONDAY!!! Ok, so smack my bad self, Monday’s have passed and I have not posted in almost a month. Bullshit, I know! But today, is best day ever!! Well, that is just my favorite quote from the movie “Home”. It is one of the sweetest films ever and although we have pretty much had it on repeat for the last week, I am still loving the quotes. “Can I come into the out now?”.

The weeks are flying by and we have been home for 3 weeks and after complaining like a nagging fish wife about how over having no kitchen, like it is worse than before, hard to believe, but it is way less functional…. we will be getting our new kitchen in about 3 weeks. Design chosen, quote accepted and excitement looming! I never thought I would be so excited about a kitchen. I don’t care how it looks, I want functional. But we are getting both, function and decent design. Booooya.

I am grateful this Monday for alot of things.

I am happy and content with what I have (ok, so no kitchen pissed me off a little), but in general I have a guy who thinks I am  the bomb.com a son who gives me so much shit (and in his defense, I can give him plenty back), but calls me when he hurts himself because he knows the magic of mamma’s love I have a cat who is so lovable and cute, sadly, only one after Hariette hasn’t returned home yet, I still have one. I think about her every day, but she obviously had her own path to walk, baby girl. I do miss her madness and crazy little ways. I can just be grateful for the time I had her I have a job that I am actually enjoying which is more than many can say I have inner peace, which is pretty cool too. I think being ok with who you are is radical and it is the way forward  Sunshine  A nice long walk on Saturday  Purple Glittered Nails – I look at the sparkle and I smile  Kelso’s health  My health  the pigeons that sit on the ledge at work; such random looking birds, but they always make me smile

So if your Monday is not happy, sit and think about the things that are pretty cool. I do this with kelso every night. At bed time, we generally sit and say one thing that was good in the day and we go to bed holding on to the good stuff. Pretty much like what we should be doing at the start to. Reminding ourselves of the good shit, makes the not so good shit seem a little less relevant.

with love


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