HAPPY MONDAY: Gratitude and Sadness

Happy Mondays

HAPPY MONDAY!! I feel sad today. I haven’t seen Hariette since Friday morning. I had to take Munro to Anima on his own and felt sorry that he was staying there without his sister and that she is nowhere to be found and today I had to lock the house up. Amazing what a place animals fill in your heart. She has done this before, just disappeared for a few days, so I will go back every day and see if food has been eaten and the bed i left for her has been slept in. It is what it is.

In the sadness, I am happy that at least one of babies are fine – Kelso is having a ball at Goggo’s house, building forts, keeping worms in jars and feeding birds. He sounds like he is missing us, but having a super time all the same. I am so excited to go to the berg on Saturday. A week away, seeing my lad and taking in the silence that is the nothingness in the Mountains.

yesterday George and I spent morning in Maboneng. It was such an awesome day. I think the highlight for me was discovering Happy Water. And then discovering how amazing Buchu essence is in the water. My word, its like heaven rolling over your tongue.


I could go on, but…. not today!

with love


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