HAPPY MONDAY: Special Days

Happy Mondays

HAPPY MONDAY!! Today is a new day, it is Monday so it is a new week. Whats good? everything is.

Yesterday was the first Sunday in months that I have spent with Kelso and George and it was just awesome. I took kelso to go and see “Inside Out”. It was so sweet, and so true. All we ever try to be is happy. Sad is bad. But Sadness has it’s place in our lives. And I think it was beautifully portrayed in this film. Its ok to feel every emotion, even our children get sad and we shouldn’t brush it off like its nothing. We look at our masterpieces and give them everything their heart desire, but we forget that like adults, they have a range of emotions that they too, are allowed to feel and we should identify them rather than expect them to be happy all the time because their lives are perfect and have nothing to be sad about. They don’t have the tools to deal with things like we do, and many of us didn’t get the tools until much later on in our lives and were still throwing tantrums well into our 20’s. I really think it was awesome and made me a little more conscious.

We have started to pack up our place and get things into storage for the renovations. It has been giving us; George more so; sleepless nights. Where will everything fit has been mine. George has had those and what will it look like fears trickling into his mind. But it is what it is and I am actually excited.

I am grateful for so many things, it sounds so idealistic, but I am. Some things do drive me mad, but in the bigger scheme of things, they don’t really matter. I think Mercury no longer being in retrograde has brought some balance back. Maybe it is all in my head, but shit gets a little discombobulated during that time. 🙂


Above everything else, my heart sings songs of joy and happiness for these two lads.

with love


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