HAPPY MONDAY: The Power of Music

Happy Mondays

HAPPY MONDAY!! This is a quick post. Got soooo much to do, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t always reflect on the goodness.

On Friday while I was sitting in traffic, I reflected on those who have had a positive impact on my life in some way. This may not be as a result of anything that was directly done for me, but it is in those things people say, the way they behave that they can have the most impact. A colleague is one such person. He was once my manager, then we worked along side one another and now, we don’t work together at all. But I often sit and reflect on the many conversations we have had and realise just how much this person inspired me. Not only to be the best I can be, but just to be an unconditionally good person. I think it is just wonderful that we have these types of people in our lives to bring some kind of balance, a voice of reason and it just gives one a little more faith in humanity.

The title the power of music relates to Saturday. I took Kelso to a party and from all the excitement that was a party at the fire station, Kelso was terribly disappointed, he thought they would put a fire out. He did go for a ride in a fire truck and got sprayed with water, but there was something in the chasm of his soul that was bothersome. We were late for his drum lesson, but Lee gave him an extra 5 or so mins. Firstly, to see my son play a beat like he did after only 3 lessons left me with a tear in my eye. But secondly, the child that walked out the drum room was a very different to the child that walked in there. It was like he had let go of whatever it was that was bothering him. Beautiful to behold actually.

So I have at attitude of gratitude for many things. When things seem hopeless, we can find meaning. Even if it is in the most remote places. I have been reading up on a few people for an exam, Carl Rogers gets my vote for theory that makes the most sense to me, but Viktor Frankl is also way up there for me. We are presented with choices, even when we feel like we have no choice – being the helpless victim is a choice one makes. We are all able to rise above our circumstances and be the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. Be bold and be awesome!

That is all.

with love


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