Happy Mondays

HAPPY MONDAY!! This is a full work week for me, can’t believe. I feel like I have been going at a rate of 100km ph and I want to just stop the world and get off for a while. With exams, busy work days and just general busyness, the brain is tired. But we keep moving forward. Last week was pretty rad. Finished a pretty deep exam on Thursday. Child and Adolescent development is amazing and it is interesting, but it is a lot to take in and be examined on. Wednesday I had the day off and spent the whole day in the books at home, it was so peaceful.

Friday was the event at work that I had been waiting for. It was honestly better than I imagined. John Maclean is an absolute inspiration. To see a man who hadn’t been able to walk for 25 years get out of his wheel chair and walk was something special. dedication, belief in yourself and perseverance is the way forward. Gilan Gork was entertaining and Colleen Lightbody answered our brain questions. It was a day well spent and after the high, working after that was just not happening.

The week end wasn’t much of studying, with the fear of load shedding in my heart, i spent the great Sunday cleaning house before no power forced me to sweep. Alas, no power outage. But atleast I have a clean house. Rock on. Saturday Kelso went to his drum lessons and our morning started at Trio Cafe, the novelty of Latte’s in tumblers still hasn’t worn off. But we did try out a great vegetarian restaurant in Linden called “Elemental Cafe”. We used to go to that place when it was still Europa and gave it a try when it Loola Cafe which was a shocker to say the least, but we were pleasantly surprised with the new restaurant there. It was the official opening and there was a lady playing the harp which created the most amazing ambiance and Kelso loved it too. The food was real food, the lady who owns it noted they make everything from scratch which means there is no crap in the meals… and you can taste it.

So why am I grateful..

Having an abundance of opportunities; just got to see them and go get them Kelso George Musical Journeys  French Vanilla Coffee The Smell of Winter One more exam to go A Warm home Being Inspired Coffee with my lads Laughing until I cry Being able to fetch Kelso from school early and playing made up card games Love  iTunes Store; spent some time there over the week end… OOPS! 

with love


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