Happy Monday: Happy Monday

Happy Mondays

HAPPY MONDAY!! I am listening to some fascinating pod casts on Personality type development. People are complicated and for the most part full of nonsense. So what I got though, is that we are all individual and we don’t really fit into any specific category. Seems pretty obvious I know, but there are so many who try to be different and don’t live up to their true selves to be different, but uniqueness is so inborn that there is no need for trying so hard. Just be awesome you know.

This week end I spent most of the time in the books. On Saturday it was spent at Trio Cafe in Greenside. What a flipping winner, quite expensive, but I guess when you find 6 Latte’s on the bill, that pretty much costs more than breakfast. I hung out there while George took Kelso to drums. Yesterday was a study day. Last week was also pretty radical, I think when you have good weeks, its always good.

So what made me smile..

Latte’s in tumblers at Trio Cafe The penny dropping on some of my module info Finding some interesting podcasts on personalities The winter smell in the air Kelso is reading music and getting excited about it George is pretty radical Sunshine Earning an income that allows us to drink copious amounts of Lattes A warm home which is something many people aren’t going to have this winter Sunshine  Family ♥ Love 

I found this pic and it made me laugh. because you expect a sweet comment.


Have an awesome Monday.

with love


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