Happy Monday: 3 Days Later

Happy Mondays

I kind of missed Monday. It was a public holiday and you know, threw me off a little. This was a 3 day working week which was pretty fucking radical, but let me tell you, it was actually quite long. I came down with some kind of a cold and working just was not what any doctor would order. I wasn’t “need to be in bed” sick, but some chill time would have been nice. With exams just around the corner, my brain is getting tired. But alas, we keep moving forward.

The last long week end was amazing. I spent time with my lads, had a lunch with Daune and the penny dropped on the module I am writing next week. Good times, good vibes. Apart from feeling a little under the weather, i am super grateful that I am on the mend. Drinking Olive Leaf tea and downing Coloidal Silver seems to have done the trick.

So it is Thursday, and why am I feeling fuzzy..

Listening to ‘The Smashing Pumpkins’ Kelso starts drum lessons on Saturday New Nail polish Pay Day My little family Long week ends A warm bed to sleep in at night Love Chai Tea laughter Friends Counting the days until July Holiday  Home Made Chocolate 

Happy Thursday…

with love


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