Happy Monday: The Nip is here

Happy Mondays

HAPPY MONDAY. Today it is nippy. After a pretty cool week end, Monday is a little dreary today. But we keep moving forward. Next week is super short, a 3 day work week, booo-ya. I will be spending the time studying though, exams in 2 weeks – YIKES.

Kelso’s school Wild west Fun day was on Saturday and Kelso loved it. George loved manning the stand and I enjoyed just watching and chatting to some of the moms with kids in Grade 1. Kids are crazy really, and so are some of their parents, but it was a great day.

The past while South Africa has been portrayed as a place of savages. I am ashamed of the way foreigners have been treated. I am also proud that those acting like savages are actually in the minority and in many ways there has been a sense of unity in the solidarity in all this. I wish our so called leaders who step up and do what they are paid to do instead of sitting, eating pies and laughing. But Alas, it is what it is and I have many reasons to be grateful.

I am Healthy I earn a living I am able to eat every day I was not kicked out of my home I have love in my life Fresh drinking water Warmth on the chilly evening Time to study  Green Chai Tea I have an amazing son George is pretty radical too Family Laughter 

There is so much more. But the Monday workload is picking up… Meh.

with love


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