HAPPY MONDAY: Too much of a good Monday to spend Blogging

Happy Mondays

I didn’t forget it it was Monday, but I honestly could not bring myself to sitting in front of my computer when I had Kelso and George to be spending time with. Kelso came home from moms house on Sunday, it was such a treat to see that sweet face on Sunday at Harrismith.

Last week was a good week for George and I. We used the time to really connect with eachother. Many people who are questioning whether to have kids or not always question their freedom being wiped out, they question whether not being able to buy an abundance of shoes is really worth it or harp on about the responsibility and life time commitment, etc. And while all that is valid, those are the things you can deal with. It is strange, but you actually do learn to live without. The hardest I think is what a child does to relationships. George and I get stuck into our own things and then Kelso that we tend to neglect each other; this is not intentional, but the relationship is less of a priority. We are in a good place, but you really notice these things when you can sit and have an uninterrupted conversation or can just watch a movie together. It really was amazing. I think we need this from time to time to just regroup.

So many things to be happy about…

Family Time Mom for looking after Kelso last week Kelso is lucky to have amazing grandparents Santie and Sallie for Having Kelso this week Being able to go to Movies yesterday Quality time with George Love Happiness Laughter; kelso makes me laugh so much with the things he says Having time to study for impending exams My Job A long week end 

with love


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