Happy Monday: A sense of Longing

Happy Mondays

HAPPY MONDAY!! Almost forgot about this again. Crazy day. Yesterday I drove back from KZN. It was a long, yet good thinking time kind of drive. Its amazing how some alone time can really get you to go inside yourself… well that and some music which was amazing. I am at that place again where I am not sure what I want. Well I do, but wondering how to change it all. I am grateful for the opportunities, I am grateful for my job, but I am at that place where I feel like I am not true to my purpose and its hard to find a way to live it. Its all good and well to live up to our highest values, but when the job market is dry and the economy in a little blunder and having just bought a new car, one feels like one should suck it the fuck up and just live with it for now. SO yes, I am there. Reading about self actualisation and all those good things isn’t helping me with my cause either because I know what should be done, its actually doing it. Finding courage is probably the hardest part.

I am also missing Kelso very much. He is the raddest kid and not having him at home is a killer sometimes, but it is nice to hit the books a little too. I had a very good week end in Durban. Went for a little surf on Friday, Kelso conquered his fear of the ocean and even Tayla got dunked by the waves and got up again. So it was really cool. And to see Mom and Pat and Mike was also pretty rad. As much as family can drive one crazy, they are there. And accomodating.

I am grateful for…

♥ Kelso’s excellent report Getting to go away My new car Being safe on the roads spending time with Tayla Quality time with Kelso Time with George this week ♥ Food in the fridge Smiles love laughter Watching 3 episodes of Greys My healthy child 

with love


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