Happy Monday: Mixed Feelings

Happy Mondays

HAPPY MONDAY! Mondays roll around so quickly. I always say to myself that I need to start blogging more than just this Monday Post, but I blink and it is Monday again. Crazy times fly times. Spent the day with Elana yesterday and it was such a nice day chilling and just being. She leaves next week Tuesday for the US and I am going to miss her. I took for granted the fact that she lives 10 minutes away. I am grateful for the time that we have been able to spend together and I am grateful that she is a part of my adventure and my journey.

I still smile… sad time means that we had good times…

Kelso is freaking rock star; He is the sweetest child; Proud Mamma moment last Wednesday when he was holding an umbrella for smaller kids so they did not get wet from the rain, he say that helping other people makes him feel good – I love him so much Spending the day with Elana and Chloe and the love i feel when I am with them My chosen family The cool weather one more week until exams start; 2 weeks until they are over; 3 weeks until we go on holiday  Neil Young is playing into my ears and making me happy Career Change is closer Kitty snuggles Love in my life New jewelry Fresh drinking water Looking forward to jumping on the trampoline Sunshine  Everything Confirmation on why i don’t believe in organised religion; I am thankful for non indoctrination; odd but i am grateful for the lesson I learnt

Week end pics

with love


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