Happy Monday: Move on Up

Happy Mondays

HAPPY Monday!! It is nice that it was somewhat warmer this morning than it was the week end, but I loved wearing my woolly hat and fluffy jacket. So no harm done. The week end was super. I managed to finish 2 assignments and watch Ugly Betty and spend time with my bests. Always winning.

I am over inspired by the great choice of modules I have chosen. It always is easier to go through the material when it speaks to you. Differences in personality, talents, etc is something I believe very strongly in and I don’t believe our education caters for differences. They think all kids are kids, but each kid comes with their own personality, learning styles and talents. They may not all be the same, but if you nurtured the good stuff rather than tried to fix what is perceived to be broken, imagine what could be achieved; the possibilities are endless. But thats a whole new topic. That just adds to the warm fuzziness.

I am grateful for so much….

Inspiring course material George Face rocks my world The coolest son in the world; Kelso is just too much of awesome Getting to wear nice snuggly clothes on the week end The Reuben Sandwich at Vovo Telo Getting 2 assignments done; could not have achieved this without my patient and supporting little family Holiday time is coming soon Being able to afford everything I have had to spend money on in the past few weeks  Fresh drinking water Getting kelso into Craighall Primary – so happy that he is in a good school for Grade 1 next year Love Sunshine The smell of flowers Vida-e caffe Coffee  Turquoise Nail polish; my hear sings for glitter that i put over  Getting out the office for 2 days this week; have the opportunity to attend SMEXA ’14.  Just because I am happy 

with love


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