Be Awesome: Make Magic Happen

Be Awesome

Some time back I wrote a post about creating your own Euphoria (Link) and I suppose this is related. George and I were talking about my crystals and found it so absurd that I put them in a glass bowl with salt and let them get some sunlight and moonlight and all the rest. But I told him that I wanted to clear them, make a grid and put all my worldly intentions into them; in other words, my goals. Although he thought I was losing the plot, I told him that a goal means nothing if it is just in your head. You never get around to it. And he admitted that this has always been the case, you get caught up in the madness that is your career, your kids, the list goes on and you forget what it is that you are striving towards sometimes.

So this post is not about crystals, but rather the the intention behind it all.

I surround myself with my goals. I think we generally don’t meet our goals because we put crazy timings to them or we don’t write them down or our priorities change. I have always been a dreamer, I can sit and play a movie in my head for hours, but putting it all into motion is not a strong point. My illusions of grandeur and fame remain just that; illusions. I can liken it to those new years resolutions that people forget about by the time the end of January rolls around.

I created some vision boards. All my wants; some personal, some career wants. It  is in front of me always to remind me of the good stuff. I have written down my goals and I have started to not say “I want”… It has evolved to “I have…”; “I am….” and I have detailed it all as I see it. Projecting specific intention to the universe. And I visit these from time to time and take stock of where I am and what I am doing to achieve those goals. Shit doesn’t fall out the sky and no amount of prayer can make that happen, it’s about doing your bit to get out there, to build your dreams and draw that euphoria and what you are going to do to get there. You can ask God for a better life, but what is a better life? Have you even thought about it. God isn’t psychic, nor a magician, so get to that list already!

Daily Reminders

In Reiki we learnt to make crystal grids and putting intentions into the stones and Karen also noted that you need to visit the stones monthly and take stock of where you are. I love the idea, its almost an add on to my written list and now that my stones are cleared and charged up with the goodness of the full moon. I have chosen stones that remind me of my goals; e.g. I have chosen a brown stone to represent my desire to live close to the ocean, it is the color of sea sand, I have chosen an Amethyst to represent my desire to remain connected to my spirituality, it is purple and that is what that color represents for me and the list goes on.

So what am I doing to achieve my goals? Almost everything I am doing is taking steps to get closer. Looking for a new job that pays more so that I can start saving for that house with an ocean view. Healing is a focus for me and currently busy with a psychology degree, Completed Jikiden Reiki and almost done with a Usui Reiki Practitioners course and going to look at other alternative therapy’s, etc. Every day I am growing as a person and learning about myself and how to interact better with others. And the bonus of this; Kelso loves his Reiki sessions.

I think the point of this all is; Achieving your goals is something only you can do. You have the pen, you write your story. How you write that story is up to you. But there is no wand and no magical portal where stuff falls from the sky from. Got to get into action and make it happen for yourself. Don’t wait around for others, they are busy building their own dreams and working towards their own goals.

Take Charge, Go forth and Conquer and most importantly; BE AWESOME.

with love


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