Be Awesome: Bringing Balance to Your Force: Part 5

Be Awesome

Welcome to Part 5, the last part of this long, winding, page 7 of hand written stuff. It has taken me long enough to get here. To recap, here are the links to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4

This part I will waffle on about the Spiritual Pillar. It is pretty important in my opinion. There needs to be quiet time; some time to just reflect. Even if you don’t believe you are a spiritual being, having quiet reflection time, the time to ask yourself the hard questions and letting your inner guidance system do its thing is super important. Allow messages to be delivered to help you make sense of whatever is cooking in that cooking pot.

I wrote a blog about why I believe meditation is awesome and it is for that exact reason quiet reflection and hearing what I need. It is in those moments  that I am sometimes more awake and in tune with my world, my universe and the answers to life and everything come forth.


For the most part, I try and make this a daily practice, like brushing my teeth; twice a day; a morning meditation gives me courage to face the day, centers me and an even meditation to clear the headspace and make sense of my day before bed time. I sleep better too. But aside from that, meditating helps me connect to my higher self, leaving the ego to sink and fade away into the darkness. I can connect to my inner guide and can feel the presence of God and it is an addiction that I feel is good for me. The quietness breaks through the fog, illuminating a clear path ahead. It keeps my in the present; I have a tendency to to time travel; to wonder to the past and glide into the future, lets face it, time travel is dangerous, you miss the good bits that the now presents.

So to close out this 5 part series; I will say this; In order to have balance and to be truly in sync with the greater cosmic harmony, we need to pay attention to all 4 pillars. I for one know that when I am neglecting an aspect of myself, I get a serious case of grumper-lumpery. I just need to sit and write it all out and I get to see what is cooking or see where my obsessive habits are taking over. In writing all this, I have noticed that I really need to get cracking more on my Spiritual and Physical pillars; I need to be more aware and add more focus. Although I do pay much attention to my spirituality, I need to make more time to send those glittered rainbows out my eye-balls. We will never be in a place where all this takes care of itself, it needs to be conscious; we are not robots. When we fall off the bus, get back on.

My Goal is to live consciously, even when I want to switch to auto-pilot, I must have the ability to recognize and and get back online and in tune with myself. Wishing myself safe travels and a fun journey of more self discovery and learning as life pushes on.

with love


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