Be Awesome: Bringing Balance to Your Force: Part 4

Be Awesome


Been a few days since Part 3; It has been a crazy week. And this theme of next pillar I am about to go into in a little more detail is so apt.

The Mental Pillar; this involves learning and growing. This week has been a week of challenge and growth; a test of not only patience, but also becoming aware of my emotions, how it has affected my physical body and finding a way to really not punch some people in the face. If we spend all our time with our heads in the clouds, shooting glitter rainbows out of our eyes, while in a state of pure euphoric bliss all the time, we start to stagnate. We need the challenges, we need to have our boats rocked a little from time to time. Much of our learning comes from reading and interacting with others and the world around us; exercising the brain if you will; getting those neurons firing. It also comes from those spiritual assignments that can be perceived as so negative you may question the very meaning of your life; it is those that teach you the most, build the character and leave you with the most amount of strength.


Reading, questioning and researching also exercises the brain, it keeps one engaged and excited. Learning new things, new skills or adding some general knowledge to the encyclopedia in your head is a break from the hum-drum routine, it is like a breath of fresh air that is so often most welcome and it needs to be continued. Find what makes you tick and learn more. It doesn’t have to be related to your day job, the most successful people I know have hobbies that are so far removed from what pays the bills and it brings some kind of balance. There are some who are mortified that I would invest so much money and time into studying a subject that is in no way related to my work, but it gives my life added meaning, it is personal and I love it. I am attending Reiki training for the next 12 weeks and what excites me is that I will learn how to make use of my gift, but also tune into myself more; becoming more self aware is a daily learning and practice; this week I realised I am an emotional eater, yep, When I used to smoke, one ounce of stress would lead to a series of chain smoked cigarettes, this week it was bars of chocolate. See, becoming more self aware.

In other news though, I came to learn that the body is a miraculous machine. I think if you can see and hear, you are gifted. My word, the intricate operation that goes into just seeing is truly amazing and I am so grateful that my brain is so talented that it affords me the opportunity to see, hear, feel and learn.

So, if you feeling bored, start a project, research something random and see where it goes. Some time back I researched spontaneous human combustion, it was the most random subject and there are few answers to this phenomenon, just theories; but what a trip to do the research. This was so many years back, I even compiled a presentation and it was so much fun. So go on, give it a go, go on a lucky dip adventure.

with love


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