Be Awesome: Bringing Balance To Your Force: Part 3

Be Awesome

Part 3 of Brining Balance to your force is about Emotions and getting those babies in check. Part 1 was background and Part 2 I wrote about the Physical Pillar.

Ever find yourself afraid or too proud to feel a certain way? As though sadness and Anger is not allowed for those who are trying to remain calm at all times? Well suppression is not the answer. I stand testament to the fact that a good tantrum or giving the loudest roar in traffic really works. Crying until you have the poofiest eyes or throwing something is actually quite good sometimes. If you don’t release it it gets stuck and that when those things start to manifest themselves physically; so in other words sucking it up and suppressing it is not the answer, it is bound to come out eventually, when that lid pops and it all comes out at the most inappropriate time.

What you resist, will persist. We need to allow ourselves to really feel our emotions. Of course there are times when feeling anyting is inappropriate and in those times, just hold it a little, put a calendar entry in to deal with it. There needs to be time daily for self care, resist the urge to turn the telly on and that time we always think we do not have; honor the emotions, walk through the emotions and really feel them and when you get to the other side, release them into the wild.

I find writing helps me release a lot. It has been my saving grace I believe. It may not work for everyone, but I am not one to verbalize how I feel, But I am able to share in my writing; I feel free to feel, the pen sometimes put to the paper with a little more pressure as I release it all, I have even been known to tear the paper with the pen in pure and utter frustration. Writing it all down lets you get the whole story out and you find trends in thought patterns and behavior, you can place it all; well, I can anyways.

But… importantly, don’t only allow yourself to walk through what is perceived as negative emotion; Dance through joy, the love and elation. Being joyful and happy is your birthright.

Anger is known to be the cause of a lot of issues in the body, so deal with that shit before you do yourself some serious damage. I always refer to; “Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay, in my house, it is not just a book, it is my handbook that I don’t lend to anyone because I pick it up often. Below is a quote from page 136 of “Heal your Life”. I was guided to that page one day because I needed to share it with my mother. I believed that the reason for her broken Ankle not healing at all over a period of about 4 or so months, even after an operation was cause by anger that she was not letting go of. Only to read about the accidents and her breaking her ankle was that. It goes deeper, but I told her to read it, release the anger and every day I sent her healing energy and prayed for healing of her heart. Within less than a month, she is back to Pilates and can start her horse riding again because her ankle is almost healed up.

Accidents are expressions of Anger… We get so mad we want to hit people, and instead, we get hit…

Other than that though, Angry energy just leaves a trail of destruction in it’s wake and really isn’t the way forward. Today George and I spoke about how we have changed and I know that I have changed a lot. I used to be terribly Anxious, I used to get so angry my head would get hot. Since making self care a priority, meditating and centering myself, I am really more relaxed and much healthier.

Feelings of resentment and self criticism sits in the joints. I am certainly going to pay more attention to those with arthritis and see  if there are patterns. The list really goes on, so sit back and make the time to start unpacking. Face your demons, Face your fears and start tossing out what doesn’t serve you. Do yourself that favour and magic will unfold.

with love


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