Happy Monday: Memories

Happy Mondays

HAPPY Monday. This week I won’t be keeping a register of what made me smile in the last week. Although I must note that yesterday I had the day to myself and I felt like I achieved so much. I even cleaned the house. It was a me day. my cup has been empty and I needed to fill it. Just a day where I didn’t have to run after anyone or listen to other people complaining made the world of difference. And cleaning the house proved to de-stress me in so many ways. Wonderfulness.

Today is a day that is not all that happy. Its been a year since Kerri passed. But today I won’t be sad about her death, I will be happy that I was able to befriend such a special person and I will remember the random things we did when she lived in Joburg.  So this weeks entry is memories…..

 I remember the day we got 6 beers and sat and watched the rowers at Emmerentia  I remember when we left Sunny Side up to go and star gaze at the planetarium  I remember the night we sat and watched Mars move over the sky (well technically earth was rotating – but you know, we sat still)  I remember the day she sat playing playstation with tissues stuck up her nose because she was tired of blowing it – allergies to my beloved animal  I remember the birthday she sat up all night with me and then still had to go to work the next day, but she came back early afternoon and napped  I remember the most amazing human and today I will smile about her wonder and awesomeness I remember the day she organised a wet vacuum to clean the carpet we burnt, then spilt coke on and then cut (in a drunken stupor)  I remember the night we met, the most insane outfit ever with flashing lights on an Alice band  I remember a woman who was genuine to her core and never spoke ill of anyone ♥ I remember the late night chats  I remember the all night parties and the chill time afterwards  I remember the love you always showed me, unconditionally 


I think of you often Kezza. I miss you and I love you.

Hope you have an awesome day and super week ahead.

with love



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