Project 52: Weeks in Review

Project 52

Been a long time since I did this. I have a few from the past few weeks and getting to upload them now. Its been an exciting few weeks with some cool things going on.

17 July 2013, Kelso lost his first baby tooth. A momentous occasion in the Peetz-Keogh household. That tooth had been wiggling for weeks… and I mean weeks. First he wouldn’t let us pull it, then we couldn’t and then he ended up sneezing it out. I know right – RANDOM. I mean, who sneezes their teeth out. But it was almost pushed out anyways. The tooth mouse came and left a some money and a letter and we had a very happy smiling child when he made this discovery in the morning. Special times.

18 July 2013 – Nelson Mandela’s birthday. We are lead to believe that he is still alive. But I am pretty sure the world has its doubts. And thats ok, its none of our business really anyway. But it was world wide Mandela day. Where we give 67 minutes to serving others (And not chips with the steak). But really doing good for others and expecting nothing in return. It was a wonderful day. Full of laughs and an abundance of gratitude. Mine started off at Vovo Telo for breakfast, moving onto buying an old homeless man a nice hot cup of coffee and then off to childline to meet the rest of the people from work. Some cleaned the storeroom, the rest of us repotted plants on the roof and ended up playing funny buggers more than anything. THe people from childline were so grateful for the help. It was a warm and fulfilling day. I picked Kelso up early and we missioned to Emmerentia and played there a little too. SO nice to have the afternoon to spend with him.

20 July 2013

The Cat


27 July 2013 – Kelso made us so proud on his scooter. His balance is pretty amazing on that scooter. We were worried that with him having no interest in a bicycle he would have issues with his balance, but he proved otherwise.

29 July 2013 – I took Kelso to Papachino’s for supper. And he made a heart Pizza


02 August 2013 – My image was used in Photography Masterclass Magazine. Always nice to see an image of yours being used for something. It is a very nice magazine too. I will certainly become their newest subscriber.

AND… A pearler found


04 August 2013 – Mission to Arts on Main for some breakfast, a few poses on the pavement and then a scoot in the park. Rock star day

Happiness is this awesomeness. Hope the weeks gone by have been nothing short of awesome and I hope the ones ahead rock your world like none other ever could.

with love


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