Be Awesome: Make Positivity a Priority

Be Awesome

After 12 years at the same company, I decided it was time to go on induction. My initial reasons were because I wanted to know what they were selling to the new people because a picture painted is not a true reflection of how it is. But I have taken so much more out of it so far. I have learnt things I did not know and I am almost left with a sense of pride to be part of a company that has done a lot of firsts. The salary isn’t a screamer, but the culture is not so bad.

One of the main points I got out was that it is a culture of owning your career. Many members of my team are convinced that its who you know. And they are spot on. It is pretty much how i wangled my way back. I also believe that relationships are key to success of one’s career. I make a point of getting to know people in the areas that interest me. This is not sucking up, this is networking. This is building a mutually beneficial professional relationship with someone. Gone are the days when years of service meant anything.

The other thing is passion. In order to succeed, you need to be passionate. Too often we only work to live, this is a problem and you will remain unhappy in your job forever. Even if you are not pursuing your true passion, and this is assuming you even know what that is, you should totally own what you are doing and be more engaged. You may actually find facets of your job that you might like, but because you are doing the the bare basics, you are not taking full advantage that just about any job has, some kind of ability to network, to learn a few new skills and to build your own reputation to move steps closer to your dream. As I have noted in one of my other blogs: Be Awesome: Create your own euphoria, I didn’t want to be a manager, and I don’t enjoy it, but I am learning so much about myself and other people, so I am taking full advantage of this opportunity to learn. I am registering for my first psychology modules in June, dealing with different personalities is a huge benefit for me.

I learnt about branding. Some time back I did a course that changed my life. It is where I was first told about finding one’s locus of control. But it was all about perception management. We don’t realize that we are our own brands. When I think of a brand, I don’t think of myself as a brand. Sure, with this blog, I want to project a particular image, so in a way, it is my brand. There is a reason why I avoid negativity in my posts… I avoid negativity because I don’t want to feed negativity in my day to day life. I want people to know that they can overcome anything, achieve anything and make their dreams a reality. And all this if positivity is a priority. Anyways, on branding. We did an exercise where we had to speak to the person next to us and then write down things we thought about them using general conversation as a guide. We needed to guess the car they drove, their preferred clothing labels, music choices, etc. And then a few personality traits. All these answers were based on assumptions made by looking at the image the other person projected. As much as we are taught to not judge a book by it’s cover, we seem to instinctively do it. Having had piercings, I learnt then that appearance matters in the work place, having metal in your face doesn’t mean your brain misfires, but it does create a perception in the minds of others. And you need to take things like your appearance and attitude towards not only yourself, but towards others and everything in general into consideration at all times. It seems like a tall order, because in all this, you need to remain true to your core and what you truly live by.

I been on the receiving end of some really feel good communication. So many think I was mad to go on the induction because it is a waste of time to them, but I got so much out of it, my eyes were opened to so many possibilities, I learnt of the social initiatives to uplift impoverished communities and how the company contributes to educating the youth. They may pay us pittance and over work us, but there is some good that is done and I was so happy to hear about it all and hopefully see how I can get involved.


I will be taking full advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow personally. My days of wanting to climb a corporate ladder are over, but while I am in the machine, I will make the most of it.

Attitude determines altitude. Perform all activities with passion, the pay off will be immense. “She was a negative high flier with no passion.” said no one ever! Positive people succeed, 101% guaranteed.

Keep Shining! 

with love


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