Project 52: Week In Review

Project 52

So I didn’t think I was going to post much this week. Kelso and I have been engrossed in a Playstation Game. We are on the mission to finish; ‘Meet the Robinsons’. But he is happily playing. I also just wanted a break from my computer and just go with the flow a little. Sometimes a routine rutt can get really get me down, so I wanted a break from it and take in the natural awesomeness of every day life without having to remember to do things. Today was an all round good news day, so I am inspired. You attract what you give out and this has been most evident in my day.

My week was also pretty cool. I took out my camera a little, painted my nails, I lay in bed with candles, it is incredibly therapeutic and energy efficient. We also went to watch a movie over the week end. We decided to give painting a skip again. Last stretch and we are just putting it off.

Ok, so I went a little OB’s with some stationary. I have a second set of pens too. But I figured a mini kit would be cool and some coloured pens. what I love about those pens, they are recycled. they are paper. And have little statements on them. Woolies really rocks my world. For more than just cool stationary

I took a half day last Thursday to go to storage to get Kelso’s baby car seat. Finally found someone who want it. We have given things away instead of sell them because it is good to give IMO. Passing on the love. The only condition is that it gets payed forward to someone who needs it when they are done. But  I went to Cresta, bough a few items of clothing and then had some lunch and Velo telo and read my migrate magazine. Gosh, i look bloody everywhere for that magazine, never an easy find, but always worth it when I do. I savor every page. The short stories and images are very cool. The empty cup – that is just what no one ever wants to see… it means a refill is in order. I also found this random little store in Berario. Sells some really unique items. The hearts are pieces of wood on canvas like ribbon. It is supposed to be a neclace.

My bedside candles and my grey nails with blue glitter. I bought a base coat that actually peels off. It is really awesome. no more messy remover. And there is no left over color stains. Really rock star. Oh, Any my new red shoes. Its been like eons since I have sported red sneakers and I LOVE EM!

On Sunday we went to watch ‘Escape from Planet earth’. It is amazing how they make such a mockery of the human race. We think we are superior, but really, we are a danger to not only ourselves, but the entire universe. Sounds like a bold statement. But we can do some really hectic things out of fear. The coffee fro, Seattle Coffee Co. The Barista there is a proper friendly guy and such a pleaure to chat to. We take for granted the sheer awesomeness of people who can really make a coffee look special for you.

I also photographed my old video camera. I found this in Dad’s Garage. It is a real gem in mint mint condition. I love to photograph this from time to time. Just gets me back into the swing of making pictures again.

My other cool little acquisition – This tea. it is quite possibly the most expensive tea bag ever. At R15 for one tea bag, I am going to savor that tea when I drink it. But I really loved the little box it came in and just had to have it.

21 April 2013-5

And that is my week in review… in pictures.

What did I post last week? Project 52: Week In Review

This coming week is going to be cool. I have no pictures, but I have had such a good news day today…. I am sure I will muster something up. Until next time….

Keep shining! 

with love


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