Song of the Day: 7 Days of the 90’s: Informer

Song Of The Day

Welcome to this week’s “7 Days of”. This week I thought I would follow on From the 80’s and add the 90’s. Although the 80’s were way better, these were the songs playing when I was a teen and perhaps more memorable as far as parties went. No one really played the 80’s in clubs during the 90’s, unless it was some pub. And there were loads of boy bands that seemed to surface even more. And let me not forget, some girl bands too… SPICE GIRLS…. AHHHHHHHH. And Britney Spears, but lets see where the week goes.

I thought I would start this week off, with a well known one. I can’t really say that this song rocked my world in any way, but it is one that almost every radio listening person would know. It was quite a hit.

So without too much more chatter, here is:

Day 1 of 7

Informer – Snow

Keep Shining! 

with love


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