Project 52: Week in Review

Project 52

I sit here and I feel pretty exhausted, relieved and excited all at the same time.

A pretty uneventful week, but an over eventful week end. It was more labour intensive than anything else. I had been nagging George about the study. It looked less than ideal and I wanted a space where I had space and where I could want to be. After a lot of nagging, we finally started our project and finished yesterday. Late yesterday. It was non stop go, but so worth it. We still have a little to do as far as shelving goes, but all painted out, new workspace, some love and awesomeness. I am happy with the space – AT LAST. Over the next few week ends, the rest of the place will get a new coat of paint and a little tidy upper! I am very proud of myself for getting rid of old magazines. I am not too much of a hoarder, but for some reason I held onto a pile of old magazines.

But apart from all the home improvements, we had fun in between. And Kelso was a real trooper. It was a time of playing, painting, egg hunting and exposure to some new music. I buy T’s from Look & Listen, not only because they have interesting prints on, but because they come with music. I have come to hear some awesome local music this way. ‘Miss Texas 1977’, my new favorite.

Some Breakfast at Papachino’s, some funny faces and fun times with my 2 best. ♥

My New T from Look & Listen…. 

And the Project Starts…

We went to Delta park on Sunday for a breakfast picnic, rumor had it, the Easter Bunny had been seen there…

And then George saw him… and then… he left some eggs around for Kelso to find. The poor child was so excited he could hardly contain himself. It was beautiful. This was the first time George participated. Easter holds religious relevance for George, so the last 2 years, I was the Easter Bunny. But George saw how Kelso’s face lit up and I think gets why I was so excited to do the Easter bunny thing.

We decided to treat Kelso to a movie and his favorite thing – Winning Tickets.

He really was so accommodating. Not many 5 year olds are so patient when their parents are busy with things that don’t concern them. We went to see ‘the Croods’. What a beautiful film. The story line is too sweet. I cannot wait for that to come out on DVD. What I did realize is how we don’t go over board with things. When most people go to the movies, they will get a super sized combo of popcorn, a soda and some sugary treats, we got 3 small popcorns and a water to share. And I also realized how that is actually how we live in general. It really is awesome to keep it simple.

And then… we came home to finish off what we had started.

George has to go into work. I spent my afternoon scrubbing the floor, packing away all the stuff that was all over the place the week end and brining normality back into the space. The house is clean and tidy again. RA RA for that. The study will change a little as far as shelving goes and I can finally go get some ink-naks from Typo to fill my little space.

What a week just gone. I will say it again, I am exhausted. But doing things out of routine is good for the soul… and it also seems to get the heart rate up a little. Speaking of elevated heart rates. George and I also watched movies in the evenings after Kelso had gone to bed. We watched ‘Identity’. We had both seen the film before, but couldn’t really remember the whole story. Holy Moly Jeepers, what a thriller. I used to love thrillers, well, not so much anymore. Pyscho films always catch me.. because having multiple personalities is possible. The most unlikely ending to that one. I am not sure I will watch it again in a hurry. BRILLIANT, but a little off sides for me. I don’t remember it scaring me so much. Getting soft as I get older it seems, and not just around the edges.

Have an amazing week ahead… I am looking forward to stage 2 of the home improvement project. Kelso’s room is next! And then the best for last… OUR ROOM.

What went down in last week’s Review? Project 52: Week In review

Keep Shining! 

with love


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