Be Awesome: Happiness is a Habit

Be Awesome

I have been reading many quotes of late around how easy it is to pick up the bad habits, but never the good.

I cannot name anything specific, but there have been a few. It rings so true and I sat and wondered how this is. It is frightfully easy to start smoking, but difficult to give up. It is easy to make eating a chocolate a day part of the routine, but try trade that for an apple a day? Yes, I thought so, not so easy. And then you go into some uber detox mode and think that its all rubbish. You stop the bad habits and you get sick. Well… Oddly enough, when you decide to make happiness your habit, the same thing kind of happens. But with every good decision, the rewards far outweigh the punishment. And lets face it, being all depro never won you any awards now did it.

Become and agent of change and choose a new way of being.

WARNING…. making happiness your habit will result in a radical shift in your own consciousness ..

to the point where awesome is actually the only option around. You will see the world in a different way, walk the path to greatness and make that choice.

One can see from past posts, a few years ago I would never have believed what I do now. I would have read something like this and thought; “what rubbish drivel is this?” But I stand testimony to fact that all my inner healing was just that… inner. My state of being, my mental health as it is today is all my doing. I never took one pill, I never went for one psych session, I made the choice to change. Sure, I have been for counselling,  as a teen I was not a happy camper, but not when I hit the bottom and had to pull myself out of that dark place within myself.

I wanted so badly to just function. I wanted so badly to just be happy. I looked outside for this. I looked to drugs, I looked to other people, I looked to George, I thought having more money would do the trick and the list goes on. You know, that standard, outside of ourselves searching? Yes… all that.

How did I reach this state of bliss? By going inwards and facing my worst enemy, MYSELF. By taking responsibility for my feelings, my thoughts, my actions. By accepting that I cannot control what happens around me, I cannot control what happens in my life, and then realizing how I respond to all this, I can control. I can choose to focus on the negative, or I can look for opportunity in it. And I have chosen to always look for the latter.

I decided to take my power back. I decided to stop being a victim of circumstance, I chose to be the creator of my own life and not allow others to stomp on my parade. Every day I make a point of finding the good in my day, for being thankful for both the tangible and intangible things in my life. I truly believe that regardless of what anyone thinks of me, what I think of myself is what determines how far I will get.

I must confess, I have allowed someone’s poor attitude get the better of me this week, from all the help I have provided, it felt like I was farting and the wind blew the farticles back in my face. This happens, it is a sign I need to take care of myself and start weeding the gardens in my head. I handed my power over and I am not going to beat myself up about it. It happens. But after a small tantrum, just minor.. I took my power back, gathered myself and washed my hands. I reminded myself that just as no one can change me, no one can truly make me happy and I am responsible for my own life… So is this person. And I cannot change his beliefs at all. And it was that easy. I am calm, collected and happy in my world again.


Anways, moving along swiftly. I think the point is… Be happy every day. Start small. A few idea’s on how to get the habit started…


 Smile at strangers.

 Before you leave the house – thank the universe for the most amazing day that you are going to have.

 Ask yourself every day what kind of a day you would like to have, and make it just that.

 Dress up a little, nothing makes you feel awesome like looking awesome.

 Wear your smile with pride

 Sit up straight in your chair – you may wonder how this is relevant… Slouchyness really doesn’t make you feel good. Its just that… SLOUCHY.

 Play a little, get a little silly

 Laugh at yourself and you know, laugh with others, even when they are laughing at you.

 Dance to the music playing in your head.

 Make a list of things that make you happy… AND THEN DO MORE OF THAT!

 Find one thing that is getting you down… Accept it and then kiss that birdie goodbye, watch it fly away. One thing a day, leads to a few things a week, A heap of things a month, in a year, my goodness, so much of awesome – we will all be blinded by it. Start with the little things, some deeper set things require a little more encouragement to fly away.

 Make a gratitude list

 Write down a few things you like about yourself. In an interview, we can think of 5 bad traits, but we struggle with the good ones… Make that list, say hello and sell yourself. You are totally worth it.

And in all this… I still fight off the chocolate a day urge. But I no longer have the urge to be a victim, even when I do find that I have allowed myself to hand my power over, I quickly take it back. It is a process and a half for sure. But worthwhile in the end. It is liberating and people respond so much better to you when you take responsibility for yourself.

Happiness awaits you, just need to make it your habit.

What was in the awesome diary last week? Be Awesome: Awesome Relationships 

Keep Shining! 

with love


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