Project 52: Week In Review

Project 52

This last week saw some funny faces, Some rough and tumble with Kelso, Swings and Crazy Birds.

The week end was pretty busy and by Sunday, I was sad to see it over. But another week for more good things, so all good anyways.

Kelso and I had to take our weekly self portraits in the car while we waited for his school to open.

We went and had some dinner at Woolies. We love the food, the staff are AMA-ZING! And every trip just makes for a great time. I also bought myself a little plant for my desk at work. Add some more life to my space. Since growing my lucky bean plant (from a seed I might add), I am inspired to have more plants. I don’t have green fingers, so anything low maintenance is always first prize.

Friday Kelso wore his new ‘Thin Pants’ (Skinny Jeans) to school and was most stoked at how cool he looked in them. He would not pose for me so I could get a shot of my handsome lad in his new pants, but he was willing to give me a few opportunities to snap away.

We ended up at Delta park on Saturday Afternoon. Been a while since we had been there. We were hoping for some wind to fly the kite, but we ended up just playing, swinging and missioning. I also couldn’t help taking some reflection shots. I have missed those. And the little girls buying ice cream. I am not big on just photographing stranger kids, so that is why I chopped the heads off because. But I loved the dresses. The cosmos flowers are a sign that winter is on its way. The infamous Pink and Whites. When Kelso was younger he used to call them the marshmallow flowers (the marshmallows we buy are pink and white)

Sunday we went to go and win tickets and Monte Casino and ended up making an impromptu mission through the bird park. What an amazing afternoon. I love how the birds are so chilled. You can see that they are well looked after. Pelican’s are the ugliest birds I have seen in a while. I didn’t realize they were so big. The lemurs rocked my world. I always think of King Julian. And they have the fluffiest little tails. I almost want to say that I want one!! 🙂 The meercats were pretty sweet as well. When Kelso saw the bats he asked if they were Vampires – Bless his sweet soul. The Anaconda just scared me. Don’t ever want to meet one of those… LIKE EVER!!!

Another week to look forward. I wonder what adventures are in store.

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Keep Shining! 

with love


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