Blogging: Why I have come to love it.


I have always loved writing.

Since I can remember, it has always been something I have enjoyed. I am unhappy when I am not jotting something down. In school I loved it, and I recall getting called in for a bad mark on a piece I wrote about a Boy who got all sorts of exotic illnesses when he skipped school. I was told that it was not age appropriate and someone in Matric should not be writing it. I pointed out that the teacher was not my target audience. I asked if my name was Lewis Carol or Enid Blyton if the mark would be the same, because then their stories were most certainly not age appropriate. I eventually got a great grade for it. And there I go, off the topic AGAIN.

I used to write on paper, and then I wrote in MS word and then I decided to go online because, quite frankly, I was tired of losing writing. My little secret blogspace has evolved. I started to tag my blogs, then I started to tweet them – i have yet to share this blog on facebook. And I probably won’t. But I am so happy I decided to make the move online.

Inspiration Motivation

What I have found is a world of like minded individuals that I have never met, but feel I know. We used to think that freaks trawled the internet, Only the sad and lonely met people online. How old school is that train of thought. Seems like eons ago that people thought this. These days, I don’t know anyone that isn’t part of some community.

I was thinking about this on Friday as I sat drinking coffee and scrolling through my reader and catching up on the lives, times and thoughts of others. I will very seldom open my facebook newsfeed before my WordPress reader. I obviously don’t only follow blogs on WordPress, but as far as social news feeds go, next to twitter, its my close second.

We are all on our own journey’s, yet many of us are on the same kind of journey. I have taken comfort in the fact that as isolated as I can sometimes feel, there is a world of support at the click of a button, even if it is just reading some inspiring stuff written down by others, or some really random cartoon drawings that make me laugh so much. I have learnt so much from so many people and I am being inspired every day. In person I am not a huge talker, I am the listener. But a lot of the time, I have a lot to say and this is my outlet and if I am able to inspire, motivate or just share my experience with one person, I smile. Blogging has made the world small. I look at my stats and my blogs reach people in places I never imagined. I think it is just TOTES AMAZE!! (My new fix – cutting words short!!)

I look forward to more connecting, more reading, more writing, MORE AWESOMENSS!!

I hope everyone has had an amazing week end thus far.

Keep on Writing! 

with love


7 thoughts on “Blogging: Why I have come to love it.

  1. Opinionated Miscellany says:

    I enjoyed your thoughts on blogging, probably due to the fact that I agree with so many of them. I too was drawn to blogging as an outlet for a lifelong urge to write. What better way to accomplish that than blogging. Thanks for your thoughts and as you say, kepp writing.

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