Wierdly Wonderful Parenting: Parenting continued – Things you really need

Seems like last week’s parenting waffle left me wanting to share more.

Last week I wrote about how I prefer to treat Kelso – Wierdly Wonderful Parenting: My Parenting

I must admit, I didn’t enjoy the whole baby parenting thing. Have a baby who would wake up with every startle reflex doing its thing (yes, that twitch just as they would go from light sleep into deep sleep. Yup, every 15 minutes Kelso was awake.), have a child with reflux and a sensory system that wasn’t quite ready for the world it seemed and then bring your judgements. 🙂 And add to that post natal depression and you have a recipe for disaster.

You already feel like a failure because you cannot get your baby into that wonderful routine all the books speak of and then you have people telling you demand feed, do this, do that, try this, try that… be a hippie, wear your baby. Breast is best, C-sections are the end of the world…… KWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! BREAK DOWN! Anyways, I always wanted to write a book about the babies that no book writes about. But this is not about that. This is about the list you get from the hospital on things you need when baby arrives. And then the things that you simply have to have as they get older as per the Baby magazines…. And half of which you don’t need. So I decided to list some must haves… well… what I think came in most handy. (and by the way, I am in no way affiliated with any of these brands!!)

First time parents never want to accept hand-me-downs and believe everything ‘Your Baby’ tells you and we wasted so much money on a cot that vibrated. A bath stand that we never used, a fancy wedge that Kelso Slid out of. Expensive bum creams and wet wipes that smelt like powder. I still smile though because you learn as you go along.

What I feel are MUST HAVE’s:

#1 – A decent Nappy Bin

Your baby can sleep in a box, they won’t know it. But you will know when those nappies are not in a decent bin or wrapped up in a scented bag. A baby only drinks milk, but that poo can be pretty gruesome. Kelso was on a hypo-allergenic formula and it was like something had died. Please don’t tell me I should have breastfed him, 5 years on, too late. But there comes a time when they start teething and really… you want the damn bin. Those ones that make knots as you shove the soiled specimen in – those are awesome. The refills are worth the money!!


#2 – Gripe water

I know Paeds don’t like gripe water. Apparently its due to the alcohol content. We grew up with the stuff, we are alive. All that aside you do get an alcohol free alternative and no, don’t dip the dummy, tot for baby and if it’s got alcohol in, 2 tots for you. Jokes aside, those telament drops that the shops sell, didn’t quite do it for Kelso. The gripe water brought up the burps a lot better. A Dr may have a long list of degrees, but that Doctor isn’t pacing the passage and jumping to get the burps up. Just saying.


#3 – Toweling nappies – LOTS OF THEM

If you have or had the projectile vomitter (and not just the after the feed vomitter, but the one that just randomly vomits for no good reason – Raises hand), you will agree that you can never have to many. I see these new moms with a little ‘spoeg doekie’ and think; “I hope you have a change of clothes in that bag – FOR YOU”. With every feed, we had one on the top, one underneath and one over. Right, lets feed the baby. And now that Kelso is older, they double up a security item. So the money spent is never wasted. You can even use them for other things. If you have a monster that eats dish cloths, there you go, sorted. Eat these! You can also roll them up and use them instead of those fancy wedges.



It happens, your kid will poo in the bath. Really, it is not nice, but I don’t stand alone on this one. You get into a flat panic, you need to get your baby/ child out the bath quickly and you don’t want to let the water out and YOU DON’T want to scoop it out with your hand. NO BOOK writes about this state of panic that one can get into when your kid is in a shath (a shitty bath)! If do have the perfect child, then you gain some more kitchen ware. My friend said they had a little green fishing net.


#5 – Plastic Beaded necklaces

The day your baby is born, nice gold chains and pretty dangly earings become a thing of the past. This is often for your own safety. But as they get older and the bravery to wear Jewelry increases, get a collection of plastic beaded numbers together. They prove be amazing for teething and they are so in-expensive, you can give them to the little one to play with and if it breaks, well that’s ok. I am talking about the beads that won’t come off if it breaks. It is a choking hazard, so be mindful of the ones you choose. And let’s face it, toys become less amusing when there is a box or piece of mommy’s jewelry to play with. I found my necklaces in Kelso’s toy box often.

#6 – Rescue Remedy

Safe for baby, safe for you. And it tastes like whiskey. So you get that burning satisfaction without getting drunk. No one will ever admit this, but wine’ o clock is so often a time yearned for and never arrives… for quite some time. So rescue calms the nerves and if you throw enough in your mouth at one shot, you get that spirits burn! I am almost certain that it saves lives. It is loaded with alcohol. But if you let it stand in a little water, the alcohol will evaporate (just incase anyone thinks I got the baby boozed!)


#7 – The most inexpensive honey Dummy

Yes, they are ugly, yes they are cheap, no they are not Nuk branded and no they are not orthodontically approved. HOWEVER.. when last did an orthodontist approve a nipple? KWAAAA, and they say the breast is best. But seriously, a dummy becomes a problem when by 3, your kid still has it in its mouth. Kelso has been told he won’t need braces because he is like his mother, he has a real big mouth. What is great about the Honey Dummy is its rubber all round, so it’s soft and it’s so inexpensive to replace. Each to their own. But having a baby is an expensive business and I am all for saving where I can.


#8 – Milko balm

Yes, you read this right. It’s a Milking cream, used on cows udders. Kelso suffered from bad nappy rash and some eczema and this stuff worked like a bomb. It is now even sold at dischem. Many moms are freaked out by the idea of using a bovine ‘nipple’ cream on their baby’s sweet, soft bum. But its got no cortisone in, no perfumes, no colourants. And if you suffer dry skin in winter – a real crowd pleaser.


#9 – A bath with a hand shower thing

Truth is… sometimes your only option is you hanging the kid over the bath and spraying it down. before this happens though, get the sieve ready, it can get pretty ugly!

I really could go on… But then this would be too long to read. My 9 Must Have’s for your Baby! Next week I will go into what you must be willing to give up when you have a child… Maybe we shall see. It is my free day.

Until next time. Keep Shining! 

with love


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