Be Awesome – Being Weird is awesome – 30 January 2013

Be Awesome

Some time back I found a quote; “Weird is a side effect of awesome”. I was reminded of this awesome quote while scouting Facebook the other day. If you have always been considered different as I have, you would have always wanted to be “normal”. I tried to fit in for a long time, But the truth is, I DON’T! And THAT IS OK! Contrary to popular belief, we are all unique, there is no one person that is like you. People who go on about the flock of sheep that follow, or ramble on about how “All pretty people are vain” or “All smart people are nerds”. Take that “All” out because there is no ALL. We will always be drawn to people who possess similar traits to us, or to those who we feel we should be like because they are popular or pretty or smart or wealthy. Whatever! This does not mean we are the same.

What is normal? I looked up the definition of normal and I get nothing that tells me what normal really is. So I looked up the definition of weird. And then I decided to make pictures. (And then there are referenced to a definition of a Normal Person and then I asked what a weird person was) *waffle waffle*


From this I can conclude that society has dictated what is normal. And depending on what society you form part of, the perception of what normal is will be different. This tells me that it is just perception and only real to those who have their own definitions. My idea of normal is different to yours.

Which then brings me to sane. Who decides what is sane? There are those people who live between curtains. If someone talks to themselves, they are considered insane. On the other hand, ‘normal’ people would visit a medium and that person is sane, even though they speak to people who aren’t there? Silly example I guess.


Then we have weird. And what did I find in the definition… FANTASTIC. Yes You Weirdo – YOU ARE FANTASTIC. A weird person is Unique.

I have always like the alternative things. Perhaps it’s just pure rebellion? I love piercings, I love crazy hair do’s. In college I sported purple hair with red streaks in, after that, white spikes. I pierced various parts of my body. Probably the most hectic was when I pierced the back of my neck – otherwise known as a Nape Piercing. At a time I felt like a pin cushion. Labret, Nose, Tragus Piercings, the list goes on. I have tattoo’s, years back it was considered to be a freak streak. Oddly enough, all these things are pretty much the norm these days (Trend Setting was noted here). There was a time when tattoo’s were ‘reserved’ for sailors and prostitutes (this was a perception – Not mine though – Just saying), tattoo’s on a woman’s back were named “tramp stamps”. Now tattoo’s are so fashionable and if you are not pierced somewhere, well, best you get to it. This past weirdness has become today’s normal. And it is normal because society says it is. I wore glasses from a young age. I was always so embarrassed by them. People who wore glasses were thought of as the dorky nerds. Now every hipster sports a pair of specs. I think you get my point here. We are so afraid to be who we are because of what others may think. Take your inner freak off the leash, its quite liberating.


No one wants to be caught doing the Funky Chicken in the kitchen at work, but that person doing the dance is the person who most people want to hang out with, because they are so OUT THERE, they are IN THERE! Being different to other people actually makes you more attractive. It makes you mysterious.

I choose to surround myself with extraordinary people. I find people who don’t conform to the norms that society has set to be interesting, to be fun and I love the strange conversations. While we don’t quite fit in anywhere, we fit well together. I live with a man who looks at lines of code and gets goosebumps. I have a friend who wears feathers in her hair and dresses her dog in dolly jearseys, another oddball who is so anal about the placement of his things, he kicked us out his house for re-arranging his things – he didn’t see the humor. I once had a boyfriend who ate light bulbs, another who loved nothing more than to wear my pink tutu! My dear Meat pie, who used to do kung fu moves and try and get his feet behind his head. (I certainly make us sound awesome don’t I?). My misfits that have only added so much awesome to my life. I don’t even have the words to express the gratitude I have for them. The one thing we all have in common is that all we have ever wanted is to just be accepted for the people we are, to be loved, in all our glory. Which essentially is all anyone really wants. I also need to mention, that many of these people that I refer to, are pretty successful in their businesses. It has been the sheer weirdness that has brought them success in my opinion. They think out the box, there are no limits to what they can achieve.

We will do some things just to fit in, even though it is out of our own character. And it is ‘perfectly normal’ to want to belong somewhere. No one wants to feel like an outcast. But YOU ARE AWESOME. In all your Glory. So do all the things you think people may perceive as ‘WEIRD’, because that is a side effect of Awesome. It a tough thing to be, you may as well just be it.

06 Jan 2011 - 41

Look in the mirror and Love the person you see. Embrace your uniqueness, it is what makes you who you are. And give people who are different to you a chance, you may realize you have been missing out on some really awesome friendships. The only person you can really be is yourself, it is the easiest way to live because you don’t have to remember what persona you wanted to put on today.

Go forth and Conquer.

Keep Shining! 

with love


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