Project 52 – Week In Review – 29 January 2013

Project 52

My weeks run Tuesday to Monday it seems. But thats ok. It is still 7 days. Who cares anyway. Most of my week has been all about work. It’s hard for it to be otherwise when I spend the greater part of my day there. But here are my out of work experiences. Except one! It was a week of Curry, silly faces and surprises!

Gail brought lunch for everyone on her birthday. Usually people bring cake, I have never ever done that. I take leave on my birthday! But I was really taken back by her sheer consideration for others. She has really been dealt a rough hand of late, but she is always the life of any day, keeps us in stitches laughing. She brought curry and Roti’s for the team. She even had a vegetarian curry made specially for me and made sure that the mince she used in the mince curry was halaal for Gava. Not many will make this kind of effort.


I went on a snapping mission. The sky, the flowers. Just to take in the sheer awesomeness that we are surrounded by every day, but very seldom acknowledge. We take it for granted, well until Winter time when all we do is complain about how brown it is.



Kelso and I had heaps of fun taking pics of ourselves. Craig thinks these are my Angry Eyes – hahahaha. You will know ANGRY eyes when you see them, these are not those…



I even found a few pearlers of him in the photo folder that deserved some recognition. He knows how to operate the beloved iPad, and he had a fun time with photo booth it seems. I laughed so much when I saw the faces he was pulling for himself.


I found Munro pondering his meaning of life at the window. I would love to know what cats think when they stare out of the window. Harriette meows in excitement when I open a window for her so that she get get a better view of outside. I love my oddballs.


I bought some more nail polish. I cannot help myself. But because of my need for order, I took all the bottled out and sorted them by color. I have a lot, yet I will think I have none to put on. Perhaps I have too much choice?


I realized that shopping at pick n pay was not smart. I am a woolies girl all the way. Many call me a snob and think I have bucket loads of money because its my store of choice. Well, my jaw dropped to the floor when I got to the till. No treats and a bill higher than that of woolies. Shock horror. I will stick to my snob store going foward. *laugh* Getting hyped over nothing here! 


Kelso gave me flowers he picked outside while playing with his friend. It always melts my heart when he does things like that. It just shows that he was thinking about his mom while he was playing. He reckons when he is older he will marry me. ERM…. LOL… Luckily at 5 you can still say those types of things and it’s cute and makes Mommy know that you love her!


We watched ‘Wreckit Ralph’ over the week end. What a cool film. We have been waiting for the release with great anticipation and it was so worth the wait. Now we wait for it to come out on DVD. Afterwards we just went for some lunch at Fego!


I also bought a book about blogging. I have only scanned a few pages. Such a random find in Big Blue. I look forward to giving it a bit more attention.


Thats a wrap. I hope the week is treating you with love and kindness so far. I hope YOU are treating YOURSELF with love and kindness!!! Being the awesome self that you are! *snap* to that!

Have fun… ALL THE TIME.

Keep Shining! 

with love


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